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May 4, 2020

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Now, most of you know Alison Moss-Solomon for the fearless style guru that she is, so the Vogue-worthy trip you’re about to take should not come as much of a surprise. By virtue of her Instagram, @alykhat_moss, she has snatched our edges and placed us in a corner to sit and think about how we’ve truly let ourselves go in these corona times. 

“I dress up every day; it’s how I cope and keep my sanity,”

she said with a light chuckle. For her, even in isolation, dressing up is important as it sets the tone for a productive work-from-home day. And should the need arise to venture into these corona-ridden streets, she is ready to go. 

Lose your mind, but make it stylish
“The most important thing to remember when going insane is that a lady does everything in style,” she said. 
With these nine style guide steps, Alison unboxes new clothes that should have been worn, and since inside is the new reality, she’s determined that nothing will ruin her style parade, not even COVID-19. 

  1. Make friends: If you are feeling lonely during quarantine, it is important to realise that everything around you can become a new friend. Here, you’ll see Alison playing around (aka cleaning with her bucket, Bruce, and her mop, Maple. She also found her best friend while cleaning the mirror one day; her name is ‘Lefty’. 
    2. Go outside: We all need a little sun. If you have a private outside, Alison recommends that you consider yourself lucky, throw on some sequins, clean it up, and just enjoy it. Here, she’s playing with Brahms, the yard broom, after which she will share her fears with her little shadow, the dog. 
    3. Gardening: The caption on this photo was absolutely hilarious. But let’s pause in fashion reverence because this tulle polka-dot dress, paired with hot-pink boots, accessories, and lipstick, is a Flair fave.
    4. Be sexy: You’ll definitely have to check out her Insta feed for that surprise! 
    5. Cleaning the pool: Dressed in a multicoloured suit tailored to perfection and complementing stilettos, Alison cleans her pool. We’ve never seen a more fashionable pool girl.
    The other inspired looks are laundry, washing the car, hosting a one-woman tea party, and cooking. 
    Do you dress up around the house? Send your photos to flairfeedback@gleanerjm.com


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