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May 18, 2020

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Alanah Jones is becoming a notable brand and an illustrious entrepreneur with the hope of making a big difference in the working world.

The multifaceted individual wears several hats and is “a combination of seasoned and fresh” with diverse professional experience.

“I am driven by curiosity, personal growth, and a sincere effort to make a positive and tangible contribution through my many functions,” she told Flair.


Alanah has embarked on an entrepreneurial stint that currently spans two years. After tasting the flavour of her fruits, her eyes are now fixed on continuous growth.

Her latest enterprising pursuit is LiNQ, a virtual job-connection agency but before that, she started Sink or Swim, an online swimwear retail store.

“LiNQ is designed to make a difference by shifting people from unhappiness to happiness – a commodity that is often overlooked in the professional world. We call it ‘unstucking the stuck’,” she told Flair.


Alanah takes pleasure in helping others to get employment because she knows how frustrating the job search can be, so she started helping others, using her personal Instagram page as a medium to connect jobseekers with employers.
This led to the birth of LiNQ. “It’s a concept founded on the idea that with the right systems in place, we can create more successful hires by being a conduit between job openings and relevant candidates for an extremely reasonable fee,” she explained.

“A job is an undebatable basic need. I was happy to partner with a like-minded young professional who has a more formal human resources background to form LiNQ,” she said.

Today, hundreds of candidates are using the network for free, and several companies are seeking her assistance in filling vacancies at all levels. She is extremely grateful to be doing something that she believes in, especially after seeing that it is making a difference for all parties involved.


  1. Alanah is a little competitive and mostly competes with herself. She says she performs best when she feels underestimated.
  2. She loves fitness and working out. “It is fun and rewarding but can humble you very quickly,” Alanah said.
  3. She believes in utilitarianism in business. “If I can help you, I am happy. But if I can help us both, we are all happier,” she explained.
  4. The young professional prefers to be behind the scenes: “I prefer working behind the scenes on projects that you may never know that I was a part of. I never intended to be an entrepreneur.”

If you want to check out LiNQ, visit @linq.ja on Instagram.

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