Alyshia and Asafa welcome new baby

From Flair
From Flair

September 20, 2021

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Alyshia Miller Powell took her maternity photos wearing Mina Roe Maternity. PHOTOS BY DERRON WRIGHT

Alyshia Miller Powell and Asafa Powell have officially welcomed their new baby. 

Asafa announced the news on Instagram on Sunday by sharing photos in his Stories. “My superwoman,” Asafa captioned a photo of smiling Alyshia in a hospital bed, followed by a picture of himself cradling the new addition. Once back home, he gifted Alyshia with flowers, pairing the image with the text, “To a wonderful wife and mother”.

The couple announced they were expecting back in April in a YouTube video posted to their The Powells YouTube channel. In a interview with Flair in May, Alyshia said her second pregnancy was much different from her first. “My pregnancy has been a roller-coaster ride so far. I went through nausea, dizziness, exhaustion and migraines during my first trimester. Whereas with Amieke, I had it completely easy. Everything felt like a breeze. So, each pregnancy is really different,” Miller Powell said, adding that the discomfort has subsided with the passing of her first trimester.

A few weeks later, the couple shared their gender reveal via YouTube, with Asafa opening and reading the sonogram inside and joyfully announcing that they were having another boy.

“Don’t make him as active as Amieke,” was Alyshia’s response following the excitement of the announcement. “I’m going to have two kings who are going to be my protectors,” she said.

Baby Powell is the second child for the couple together and the fourth for Asafa, who also has a son, Liam and daughter, Avani.

From Flair


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