SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Antoinette Davis – The Beauty Behind Ettenio

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

March 9, 2020

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Everyone these days is so focused on the beauty behind hair and skincare lines that they neglect to really explore the science behind them. Creating revolutionary products that are not only innovative but eco-friendly is entrepreneur Antoinette Davis. Flair ventured to the Jamaica Pegasus hotel recently to find out more about Davis’ natural beauty campaign. 

The founder and CEO of Ettenio started in the business of science and technology when she sought her first degree in chemistry. She dropped the course in her second year, but 20 years later, she would rekindle the fire when she had the desire to do her own hair. It was then that she decided to return to chemistry, engaged in some research and development and a whole new brand emerged. 

Ettenio, she explained, is an eco-luxury line of personal care products for the entire family. “We make haircare, skincare and body products, plus we have a kid’s line. We are very cautious about what we put into our products because they have to be eco-friendly. We are very conscious about what we put into the environment.” 

The company’s initial focus was hair but then customers began querying about a possible skincare line for acne, eczema and oily or dry skin. They asked and she delivered. As the demand increased, she was motivated to expand her brand to the body and later, to include products for children. 

Scalp restore, Queen of coils, Creme de la creme, goats milk soap – Davis was passionate to list out her top sellers. These products, along with others, are targeted solutions for specific problems. 

So what is not in Ettenio? There aren’t any silicones, parabens, mineral oil, sulphate or anything from the petroleum industry; the products aren’t tested on animals either.

In terms of making the products, the beauty behind Ettenio is Davis relying on her creative juices, incorporating her research and leaning a lot on God, who gives her direction. “It is a very exciting process, starting from scratch and building on formulas. This hobby has transformed into a thriving business,” said Davis. Going into its eighth year, Davis could not be happier or prouder of the organisation’s growth and development. 


Finance has been a hurdle that the successful entrepreneur has had to jump: she started her business with a partner draw. But she remains steadfast in her goals and getting the products out there in creative ways. Finding natural materials from the same original source can be taxing. Active ingredients in some cases can throw off the balance of the entire product. So maintaining consistency in the products is what makes Ettenio stand out from any of the other beauty lines on the market. 

What originally could be found only Fontana has spread to 50 other locations. And starting out with only nine products has increased to all of 70, and counting.

Maturing into a company that not only provides these products, but educates with workshops was a natural progression based on a lack of knowledge in the public. So they came up with masterclasses, taking customers through the various stages by showing them how to effectively use the products. Her haircare masterclass is set to take place on March 30. 

Ettenio is available islandwide in all Fontana stores, major beauty supply stores and a few pharmacies.

Story by Krysta Anderson

Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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