Antoinette Peart : Passionate about health and the environment

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

May 1, 2022

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Antoinette Peart, the safety health and environment (SHE), general services and distribution manager at Nestlé Jamaica Limited, is an elegant bookworm who is constantly churning out knowledge and producing results. She has a passion for family and life, and she would love to see the environment protected at all costs. It is a role she takes seriously. Peart ensures that operations and processes don’t negatively impact the environment or the persons living within a particular area. If there is, in fact, an impact, SHE management works to minimise as much as is possible.

Peart got into the field of her expertise by chance, but intentionally stayed put, having explored other windows of opportunity before returning to her love. “I got into SHE by happenstance initially and then remained in it intentionally,” Peart told Flair.
She was always one for adventure. As the baby of a big family, she thoroughly enjoyed all the spoils. Reading was nurtured from early and developed over time when she discovered that knowledge was crucial in her passion for problem solutions. “My interest in knowledge came from a place of wanting to understand and solve problems because I was a scaredy-cat child, so I was always on the hunt to figure out the best defence strategy. I never found one, still ran from the kids in preparatory school, but I tried,” she said with a laugh.

Initially, this zeal was masked in medicine. After being accepted to medical school, she turned down the offer after noticing that her interest had been dwindling. She chose what she describes as a seemingly easier path of study, but was surprisingly intrigued by how fun, exciting and impactful the area of expertise was. “I could still help people as a doctor would, but I could also make a difference helping to protect and preserve the environment.”

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology from The University of the West Indies, Mona campus, she went on to hold two Master of Science degrees in natural resources management and occupational and environmental safety and health.
“What my studies, paired with full-time job experience did was expose me to other fields of study like environmental engineering, industrial processes management and traditional sci-tech, biotech, zoology, chemistry. At the application level, I could literally see my degrees at work in the field. For example, my bio and engineering knowledge came into play when managing ventilation in an area to ensure occupant thermal comfort, energy efficiency and optimal spatial distribution. So the more places I worked, the more I was exposed, the more I learnt, and the more I wanted to learn,” Peart shared.

The melting pot of culture and access at Nestlé Jamaica gives her even more motivation to champion her cause, offering a process-driven way of working, encouraging diverse ways of thinking and allowing her to try new things and execute business objectives – all of which are right up her alley. “A classic example is waste management on the site. Nothing goes to the dump, everything is either recycled or incinerated, and the ash used to make building blocks. I don’t know of any other company that would have allowed me to do that in this landscape,” she added.

Being a leader in this field, she ensured that no biases broke her spirit, joy or ambition. “The bias says more about the person than it does me, so I am all about putting in the work and being respectful, letting my outcomes speak for themselves,” she declared, adding she feels encouraged that more women are now shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts and are being taken seriously. “Once upon a time, I would have been thought to be an assistant or some other helpful subordinate. Now the eyebrows don’t go as high when I show up as the leader.”

Set on a mission to live her passion out loud, Peart feels honoured by the recognition and hopes to maintain her value system of serving her God-given purpose: to learn, use her unique skill set and know-how to solve problems and make a positive impact wherever she goes. “I feel happy that I am able to show others that look like me that we actually exist and can succeed.”

Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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