Are you ready for the road?

Naomi Redway

September 16, 2019

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Every once in a while, the perfect off-road opportunity comes about, and you call up your best friends, gas up the car, and head off on an adventure. As you’re cruising down the highway, you’re hit with the reality that you forgot something important, but unfortunately, it’s too late to turn back. We took a trip to Bashco and compiled a list of some of the top MUST-HAVE items to have on an outing, especially if it’s a little off the beaten track:

  1. Don’t get stuck in the boredom of inconsistent radio frequency zones. Travelling with a portable speaker allows you to be in full control of the music and ultimately the vibes. Try to secure one with  Bluetooth-enabled speakers, features including but not limited to built-in radio, USB ports, memory card slots, flashlight capabilities. 
  1. All terrains weren’t created equal, and as such portable tables and chairs can add comfort to almost any situation. Prevent the stress of having to locate a place to sit, or even where to play dominoes, by having all those bases covered before hand. 
  2. Save yourself the hassle of multiple trips to and from the car by investing in proper travel storage. Invest in reusable water bottles in all shapes and sizes, in addition to vacuum flasks and ramblers that can keep beverages cold or warm, perfect for long periods on the go. For larger volumes of food or beverages, use igloos and coolers ranging from one gallon to as large as 150 quarts. For those persons hoping to reduce the extra load, a good-sized insulated storage bag will do just the trick. Additionally, comfortable backpacks will help keep all valuables safely in one place.
  1. Regular flashlights are officially a thing of the past, and Bashco has the goods to prove it. Not only can you own a flashlight with solar-charging capabilities and USB-charging ports for those dead phone scenarios, but you can also be the proud owner of a two-in-one bug zapper flashlight. Outdoor has never felt safer. 
  2. Single-use cups, plates and napkins make meal sharing and clean-up easy and efficient. With the growing environmental pollution concern, paper cups are a great alternative to plastic ones. Just remember to properly dispose of all trash after use. 
  3. It’s always a good rule of thumb to check the daily forecast before any outing; however, weather can sometimes surprise you so it’s best to be ready for all possible scenarios. Don’t be afraid to take that umbrella in case of rain, a blanket for sudden temperature drops, or a convenient portable fan for those humid days. You can never be too prepared! 

 Don’t forget to plan your road essentials at least two days before the trip, to avoid that last-minute 100m sprint through the door and the inherent ‘OOPS’ moments. We hope you have a blast exploring the unknown this weekend, now that you are ready for the road! 

Story and photos by: Naomi Redway


Naomi Redway


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