Avant-garde at its Finest

Jessica Harrison
Jessica Harrison

September 9, 2019

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Have you ever been to an avant-garde fashion show and loved the pieces so much you thought you would buy it? Except, the only issue standing between you and the runway ensemble is the question of where you would wear it. The thought, the dedication and the time put into each avant-garde piece is so inspiring, that perhaps if you’re a little out of the box, like me, once you’re fully covered, anything goes. So, of course, Flair reached out to self-definitive designer, 27-year-old-Kittana Smith, who strung together some killer avant-garde outfits which have and will continue to rock the boots of anyone who dares to behold the designs.

“I was sewing at a coffee factory at the time where they make coffee bags from burlap to package the coffee. I needed to produce a whole collection now for the Saints show competition. I had no money and no fabric to start,” said the Manchester native.

Fortunately for her, the coffee factory throws out scraps of burlap by the bag load. 

So, of course, creative mogul Smith brought some home while battling the anxiety of putting non-traditional fabric on the people’s fabulous runway. It was, and still is, a hit. 

Kittana Smith says she takes inspiration from the Jamaican atmosphere, numerous art movements (Fauvism, Expressionism, Futurism), art theories (Formalism, Symbolism, Abstraction) as well as various African cultures, with the use of techniques like batik and use of Adinkra symbols.

Here’s how to keep up with Kittana Smith or get your body adorned in some of her fabulous pieces: 

  • Instagram: @kittana_smith
  • Facebook: @kittanasmithofficial
  • Twitter: @kittanasmith
  • Email: kittanasmith@yahoo.com
  • Contact number/WhatsApp:  (876)-544-4502

Shoot Credit

  • Brand: Kittana Smith
  • Designer: Kittana Smith
  • Photography: Wade Rhoden  
  • Jewellery: Reve Jewellery
  • Footwear: Ruff Cutz Sandals
  • Creative Director: Randall
Jessica Harrison


Jessica Harrison

Just six months in, Jessica Harrison is the newest member of the Flair team but, in that short time, she has surely been cemented in everyone’s mind as a woman who is full of life, expression, and vibrance. One who is filled with unapologetic flair and PIZAZZ and discovering and marching to her own beat.

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