Beard grooming dos and don’ts

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

February 28, 2022

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Jaime Martin didn’t pay much attention to his beard. But as he grew into his identity and ideal self-image, so did his beard. Now he is the proud owner of a grooming care line he calls Rvffian.

Who doesn’t love a well-groomed beard? The growth has been the ‘mane’ attraction for men who desire to sport facial hair, and women who are inherently charmed by the look. Jaime Martin didn’t pay much attention to his beard. But as he grew into his identity and ideal self-image, so did his beard. Now he is the proud owner of grooming care line, Rvffian.

“It wasn’t until I started growing my beard that I felt like I found myself, ‘Yes, this is me’,” he told The Gleaner. The journey was far from easy. With little guidance on beard care available, let alone products, he read blogs catering to different hair types, few of which spoke to black men. Martin developed a few tips and tricks in the beard department and decided it was time to share these secrets.

“After asking around and realising that many men shared similar issues, I decided that I would help them by offering advice and beard care products,” he added. Rvffian Beard Care includes beard balms and oils in citrus trove and huntsman. Products for bump control are also available.

“Rvffian’s beard products are different from others because we invest heavily in research and, as such, have actual scientists and experts in the plant-based products field who create and develop our products. Because of this, each product carries the maximum benefits for beard growth,” he disclosed.

Since being in business for over three years, the reception, he says, has been incredible. Highlighting that some days are better than others, from a universal standpoint the market for beard care is there, and he’s willing to stay with it for the long haul.


  • Use beard oil. It helps to grow, moisturise and condition your beard.
  • Be consistent in your beard care. Ensure that you clean your beard regularly and use beard grooming products every day. The beard oil and beard balm should be used twice a day.
  • Clip your beard regularly to avoid split ends. Twice per month is quite fine.
  • Find the beard style that fits you and makes you happy. Everybody’s face shape and style are different. So experiment until you find the one for you.
  • Use a wooden comb and boar bristle brush to lessen split ends, distribute oils, and groom your beard.


  • Do not use scalp or regular hair products in your beard. They will dry out your beard and cause further damage.
  • Do not constantly tug at parts of your beard, you may end up with a patch.
  • Do not pick at ingrown hairs. Soothe the area with ointment and flick the hair out, so that it grows outward. If you pick at it, you risk it becoming an unsightly blemish.
  • Do not leave food crumbs and shreds in your beard. Check your beard frequently for tiny bits, especially after a meal.
  • Do not cut your beard in hopes of making it grow. Always research and verify rumours before you act on them. You might be saving yourself from setbacks and damage.

Martin said there is the notion that those who grow their beards don’t need products. That statement, however, is false. “While your beard grows naturally, you definitely need to use beard products to keep your hair healthy; that means no split ends, [keep it] moisturised, [prevent] itching, and maximise your growth,” he explained. Therefore, using beard grooming products will result in a thicker, more moisturised, shinier, softer, and less itchy beard.

The Rvffian oils and balms come in two flavours, citrus trope and huntsman.

Cutting your beard to make it grow is also a myth. Hair strands, he pointed out, are shaped like tiny triangles. The strands may look thicker at the base when cut, but that action doesn’t factor into hair growth. When you cut your beard, you’re doing just that – cutting your beard; nothing more, nothing less.

It was important for Martin to create this business because he genuinely wanted to assist men with increasing or improving their self-image. “Life’s rough when you aren’t comfortable in your own skin, or feel like you can look better but don’t have the tools. So, I want to ensure that men can at least be proud of their beards, and feel better about themselves because of it,” he said.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has proven challenging as far as running a business is concerned, the entrepreneur has had to re-evaluate, strategise and engage with new and repeat customers in unique and innovative ways. He hopes to expand the Rvffian line and enter new markets.

A firm believer of advocating for, and educating on, beard care, Martin shared five grooming dos and dont’s.

For more information on Rvffian, visit, email, or follow @rvffianja on Twitter and Instagram.

Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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