Brittany Coke, The Style Maverick

Danik Frazer

December 30, 2019

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There are some people in the world who have next to no problem describing themselves or their sense of style. Being so sure of oneself is a rarity which should be celebrated and something we should all aim to emulate. One such person is Brittany Coke, a fashionista of simple but sure tastes who takes inspiration from the world around her and isn’t bogged down by trends. Well, simple is a bit relative as she doesn’t shy away from taking style risks other Jamaican women in her age group wouldn’t try. Flair spoke with Brittany to try and find out how she establishes her day-to-day look.

“My personal style is a visual expression of my state of mind,” she explained. “I really don’t have one set look. Dressing up is fun and allows me to get creative.” She regularly mixes textures, patterns, and colour blocks, taking the time to explore her creative side by taking risks to great payoff. While some people follow influencers, or use celebrities for ‘inspo’, Brittany doesn’t. Her style isn’t static and she hasn’t cornered herself with a single aesthetic, she happily goes from heels to sneakers with one thing remaining sure, she’s gonna have a statement earring.

Signature Make-up Look

Brittany’s face doesn’t get drowned out by those earrings of hers, of course, her go-to make-up look is a light dewy foundation with lashes and little to no eyeshadow. Whenever she wants to turn up the glam, she does a ‘halo’ eye with bronze shimmer or a cut crease for the drama. All of Brittany’s make-up complements her skin tone making her look like she’s naturally glowing from within.

When asked what trends she followed, she easily shrugged off the notion. “Trends go and come too quickly, I can’t keep up!” Of course, there are some styles even this maverick can’t pass up, like perspex shoes or the ever-coveted Cult Gaia. The only trend Brittany has kept up with is the one she wants to see left behind in the decade, overdrawn eyebrows.

Her daring swim looks were hard to miss and Brittany is not shy about her body. “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” Her swimwear complements her skin tone and the cuts don’t matter to her, so good thing she’s got it!

Story by Danik Frazer


Danik Frazer


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