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November 18, 2019

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Contouring, blending, applying concealer, constructing your brows, whatever you can think of, there’s a brush to do the job. Glam Boss Gabrielle Waite invited Flair to sit in her make-up session and watch as she waved her bristled wands across her face, making magic. The intent was so you could see how the various brushes are used and get with the flow.

Waite, the make-up fairy was armed with a myriad of brushes – so many we lost count. And, yes, each had a purpose. Still, for your convenience, she settled with nine, which she used to jazz up her face. The 30-minute show was definitely insightful.

Essentially, for a full beauty session, you’ll need the items below.

A flat-top foundation brush: Flat-top face-paint brushes are the best fit for liquid make-up and have a legacy of pulling off gorgeous finishes. They make the application process quicker and easier.

Concealer brush: For a flawless finish, this is her go-to selection. Plus, whatever your spots, blemishes, and other minor imperfections it’s just right to get them evenly covered.

Brow Brush: Taming and shaping brows have been made easy with these tools. There are so many you can choose from to do the job, but for Waite, the LA Girl 207 does the trick best.

Blending concealer brush: As its name suggests, this beauty necessity is an option for hiding your imperfections. And, no, it’s not the same as a concealer brush.

Powder Brush: If they are made for liquified makeup they must be made for powdered ones too. It used to even out face powder and gives an eye-catching and stunning finish.

Highlighting Brush: There’s no nothing better than highlighters, right? That’s why a special tool was made so you can apply it right. It reaches those tricky corners and gives the precise glow you need.

Angled Blush Brush: These make it easier to blend and contour blush along the curves of your face. The fact that it’s angled means it’s precise and helps you get the sculpted look you desire.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush: Blending is an important skill, which all makeup lovers should master. Eyeshadow blending brushes give your eyeshadow a soft-touch appearance. So go ahead, mix your favourite colours.

Lip brush: This is usually neglected, but it has a purpose, you only need to get it right. With a tapered point, the cosmetic brush easily lines the lips and blends lip colours.

Do you need them all?

“Yes. But you can switch out one or two if you want,” the Glamcon boss told Flair.

So go on your way and make your magic. Use these brushes right to apply your make-up and transform your face from blah to glamourous.

Story by Rocheda Bartley

Photos by Gladstone Taylor

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