Catching waves with Naomi Cowan

Stephanie Lyew

August 24, 2021

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It took a few tries for Naomi Cowan to catch a wave, but the moment she did, it was as though she was ‘Climbing’ to the highest peak of the Blue Mountain.

It was only her second lesson at the Jamnesia Surf Camp in Bull Bay, but the singer could pinpoint what made catching her second wave different from catching her first. Naomi said she channelled her confidence to get up on the board faster, but when asked, she couldn’t remember the number of times it would have taken her to stand up on the board, much less surf.

Naomi said she channelled her confidence to get up on the board faster. PHOTOS BY IAN ALLEN
With her surf trainer Frogboss keeping a watchful eye in the background, Naomi caught a wave.

The Energy entertainer, who describes herself as a “water baby”, has always loved swimming and the beach. Surfing has been a way for her to try something new. “One of my reasons for wanting to try surfing is because I almost feel closest to God when I am by the ocean. It is very spiritual for me,” Naomi said.

As she practised under the tutelage of her trainer Frogboss, she said she hopes more people will give surfing a try. “We live in a beautiful country, and the beach is never too far…take advantage of that. You have people around the world who have to wait once or twice a year to access this. So, if you can’t swim, first learn how to, and everybody should know how to swim because we are surrounded by water, then learn how to surf. The surf culture here is so dope; I would love to see more people try it and be able to enjoy it way more, as a way of expanding our culture even further,” Naomi said. She shares five tips for surfing below.

‘ The surf culture here is so dope,’ shared Naomi (left), pictured here with surf coach, Frogboss.

Naomi’s five tips for surfing:

  1. Come with a clear, open mind and a ‘Star Girl’ mentality.
  2. The direction your eyes are looking changes the way your body is positioned.
  3. The faster you pop up, the better.
  4. Catch your balance and steady your core — ‘When I fell off, I could have been leaning forward, sideways or backwards.’
  5. Don’t look at professionals and think it’s easy; it’s not. It looks easier than it is.


Stephanie Lyew


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