COMMUNICATION: Gail Abrahams – the master communicator

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

March 8, 2020

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Exceptional interpersonal skills, passion and compassion, tenacity, and the ability to rebrand and rebuild, all while keeping up with the latest trends. That’s the true hallmark of an excellent communicator. Master communicator Gail Abrahams has dedicated close to 20 years of her career working behind the scenes in the local corporate arena. Today, Flair puts her in the spotlight by sharing her remarkable story. 

The vice-president of marketing, communication, and sponsorship at the Supreme Ventures Group, she started her communication adventure while at the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation. She travelled into tourism, dabbling with insurance and banking before setting her sights on the corporate world, thriving in the field of media and communications. Over 10 years later, she has no regrets. 

“The experience so far has been really productive and enjoyable for me because I get to change images, work with some great people, CEOs, and companies. I have also dealt with crisis communication and rebranding, so it has been very fulfilling for me. It is my passion. I love communications, and I am so glad I have been successful at it all these years.” 

The challenges for Abrahams have been varied.  Because of her radiant personality, she has managed to manoeuvre issues that arise in the work world even as it relates to management. Culture change, she said, is another struggle. She said: “When there is a merger of the company, different cultures coming together, it is my job to change the perception and the culture. It is tedious and time-consuming but very rewarding.”

The former director of corporate communications at Columbus Communications began in traditional media. Since then, things have dramatically changed. She has been blessed to see the changes in social and digital media, news now being more instant.  Staying in touch externally by training, reading, following local and international influencers via social media, and knowing her target focus and audience have all paid off. Her 2017 fellowship at the International Women’s Forum exposed Abrahams to different cultures and people, specifically women. Not only was the experience helpful, it was really empowering, too. 

When she is not busy in the office, Abrahams is actively sitting on a number of boards, and she volunteers at children’s homes, as well as with women’s groups.


Declaring that there’s really no true balance, the previous CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce Jamaica is of the view that you have to know what you want and balance. She strongly believes in taking vacations and unplugging to spend time with her family. Between herself and her husband, they do pick-ups and drop-offs with their children, ensuring that they are aware of the events on the young ones’ calendars for the year, and are always there for them. “The company is there to make sure that the profits are made to ensure that it survives. It is up to you, as an individual, to take that balance, knowing what your priorities are. Family is my number-one priority, so I make time for them.”

The happy, jovial, frank, transparent, and outgoing Abrahams loves to travel and enjoys listening to music by attending concerts. 

Her advice to aspiring communicators: “Understand the working of the media. While I pursued other courses, I had an English degree first. Persons tried to discourage me, but it is a good way to get into communications, especially if you need to write, which you will. If you have a passion for talking to people, changing the image, and impacting positively on a person, then go for it.”

Story by Krysta Anderson

Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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