Couples share their favourite Valentine’s Day to date

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

February 14, 2022

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Davion and Rubiann now have a reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day, since it marks the birth of their son.

Those in love have said, “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite.” So, let’s put it to the test, shall we? Since it’s the season of hearts and bows and arrows, we challenged three couples to take a romantic stroll down ‘Love Lane’ and share their best Valentine’s Day celebration to date.

Davion Smith has never been a real fan of Valentine’s Day. His wife, Rubiann, was just the opposite. “We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, actually. She wants to, and she’s really into it,” he told Flair. But as life would have it, the day quickly became much more meaningful with the birth of their son. “Xan was born on Valentine’s Day,” he said, adding that there’s no greater love than the love for your child and the woman who brought that love into this world.

Romario and Janice ‘unwine’ and bask in the bliss of love and happiness.

Aside from that spectacular reason, Smith was able to recall one love day celebration: the very first one they shared together over 15 years ago as high-school sweethearts. “That one has become special to me because it’s a beautiful reminder of our story.”

Renee Lindsay also shares a similar sentiment. She and her husband, Sheldon, have been together for many years, but only decided to celebrate the occasion dedicated to love last year. “I’ve only had one Valentine’s Day celebration, and that was last year,” she confirmed. The children visited Renee’s mother, and the loving couple stayed in and had a quaint and romantic date.

This came as a surprise to Renee because Sheldon wasn’t one to acknowledge or honour the occasion. But last year was different. “He (Sheldon) cooked dinner for me. We spent the day and night together, getting to know each other better,” she revealed. A major part of the bonding moment included affirming their love and talks of future plans. The pair even exchanged gifts to commemorate the new tradition.

On the topic of surprises and gifts, Janice Riley Brown and her husband, Romario, are the epitome of ‘love wins’. The life partners, who had gotten married close to February last year, were accustomed to celebrating the love season. But because they were working towards achieving their goals of homeownership, they decided to go on a strict budgeting programme and skip Valentine’s Day. Or so they thought.

“On the day, Romario said he was going to the barber to trim and visit his best friend,” Janice revealed. This was all a ploy for her husband to go out and get her Valentine’s Day gifts. But here’s a plot twist: she was happy that he was out of the house because she was planning a whole transformation at home, creating an enchanting space for a romantic dinner for two.

“I cooked so much. I feel like he should’ve married me again. I prepared roast fish, baked chicken with rice and peas, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and garden salad. I made juice, and I even made a special dessert and put it in the freezer,” she said. Waiting on her husband to walk in on his surprise, Romario arrived home with a surprise for his wife: gifts and sweet treats. He proceeded to store the treats in the freezer. This is where he saw her dessert.

She learnt two things that night: they really can’t help themselves when it comes to love, and they really love to surprise each other and express their love in different ways. “Even though COVID-1919 restricted us from going out and enjoying ourselves, it also forced us to get creative at home and make that celebratory moment work in our own space. It was the best thing ever! There was no rush, and we did express our gratitude and love for each other, so it was a win for us.”

Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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