D’Angel, here to slay

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June 1, 2020

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Curfew orders implemented to contain the coronavirus caused many of us to be confined to our homes. Some of us have been finding it hard being our usual selves. Self-care routines have been kicked to the kerb as many of us exchanged the office wear for pyjamas. Styling our hair and slaying our faces have also become a thing of the past or an ‘only when necessary’. But one person who has not allowed herself to fall into that category of ‘emergency slayage only’ is the lady of dancehall, D’ Angel — staying true to her title as ‘dancehall’s fashion professor’. She has been showing up and showing out all three months of quarantine. Her pictures have been setting social media ablaze as the ‘Hot Gyal a Road’ singer refuses to drop her style standard under any circumstance.

In an interview with Flair, D’Angel explained that although she’s in isolation, she doesn’t take it as an excuse to look ‘pop dung’. She expressed that as someone whose look affects her mood, she cannot allow the lockdown to dampen her spirits. She, therefore, keeps her attitude in check by making sure her look is always on point. “Quarantine is no excuse to carry oneself in an unkempt manner. People should still put themselves together because if you look good, you feel good and that inspires a sense of confidence. My fashion sense is inspired by the fact that I have to balance everything life throws at me, especially now,” she said. “Getting all dolled up gives me a sense of purpose. When I put myself together, I know I’m going to be able to conquer the day. Plus, as a highly critiqued fashionista, as well as being in the public eye, I have to remain on point.”

She went on to say that although public gatherings are prohibited, virtual parties have offered the entertainment space a lifeline. The latter, she explained, has also had a positive effect on people, especially socialites who thrive off getting glammed up. “Social media has really helped to facilitate people’s desire to get dressed up. We can’t go out to parties or socialise, but with these online parties, we are afforded the opportunity to do what we would usually do when we would go out from the comfort of our homes. I know some people who have really been going all out for these online events. Dem dress up and gwaan wid demself like dem would do if dem did actually a go ou,t and yuh can see say it lift dem spirits when dem dweet,” she said. “From what I have been seeing, the ladies have been maintaining their fabulosity, and I’d personally recommend that it stay that way. Keeping up your appearance can go a far way with helping you to stay stress-free at this time.”


If you are at home and in a funk because of the restrictions placed on ‘going out’ in these COVID times, D’ Angel has a few fashion tips for you to help you maintain your fabulosity.

  1. Be creative. The artiste encourages persons to get in touch with their inner ‘fashionista’. “Be bold, be fearless, and be unapologetic about the fashion choices you make,” she says.
  2. Find your personal taste. “Learn as much as you can about your personal styling. How do you want to come out of this quarantine? Do you want to come out slaying? Then, find out what suits you and create outfits to express that.”
  3. Remixing and rematching. D’Angel says with many hard hit by COVID-19, splashing out on new clothes right now is not recommended. “Now is the perfect time to recycle clothes and remix your fashion in a fun way. Re-arranging some of your favourite pieces can give you that new look you’re seeking.”
  4. D’Angel says now is the time to show up and show out ‘fi di Gram (Instagram)’. “Play dress up and take lots of photos. You never know who is watching!
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