Dania Beckford to launch ‘Being Broadtail’ podcast, YouTube series


March 8, 2021

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As we celebrate Women’s History Month, Dania Beckford, owner of full-figured fashion line Broadtail Designs, is set to launch a new podcast and YouTube series titled Being Broadtail.

The series will tell the stories of plus-sized women from Jamaica on different steps of their self-confidence journey.

Dania Beckford, owner of Broadtail Designs, has inspired and helped full-figured women feel confident through design. Now, she’s creating a platform for these beauties to listen and be heard with her ‘Being Broadtail’ series.

“The stories of women, especially full-figured women, are so powerful in helping other women to overcome everyday obstacles and live their best lives. I have been inspired by so many women, and I’ve learnt that my own journey, and the Broadtail brand has inspired others to feel and live confidently at the beach and even in the boardroom. This is how I knew that the time was right to document these stories and release them in Women’s History Month as we all try to be encouraged by each other in a pandemic,” said Beckford.

The eight-episode series will feature familiar faces such as Cultural and Creative Entrepreneur Dahlia Harris; Life Coach and Social Media Influencer Carla Moore and Tricia Campbell, Oprah Winfrey’s stand-in model. Bridal Boss and Vitiligo Advocate Sara Stanford, Plus Size Fashion Boutique Owner Trudi-Ann Herdsman and Reve Jewelry Owner and Marketer Teasea Bennett will also appear on the show.

Topics will include the ‘snap back’ phenomenon after childbirth, the prejudice faced in our local media scene, staying mentally agile, finding well-fitting clothing and a partner that satisfies the physical needs of a full-figured woman. There will also be a special segment dedicated to women striking their best supermodel pose.

“Wi honestly talk up di tings dem – from favourite body parts to navigating successful careers,” she said with a laugh. “It’s entertaining and authentic. It’s what most of us think and want to hear as women but is rarely said.”

Being Broadtail is shot and recorded at Harry J Recording Studio and hits Spotify and Apple Podcasts on Thursday, March 11, at 8 p.m.





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