BUSINESS: Danielia Mclean – A powerhouse in business

Shemarr Henry

March 8, 2020

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Marketing guru and smashing entrepreneur Danielia McLean is known to the business and communication worlds as a powerhouse, fiercely working to clutch success.

Finding a novel business idea can be difficult; pursuing it, successfully, even more so. However, this is not the case for the serial businesswoman and expert communicator.

Fresh out of high school, McLean pursued a law degree in London. But soon she grew tired after finally acknowledge that becoming a lawyer was her mother’s dream and not hers. So, she transferred to The University of the West Indies, where she studied criminology and sociology. 

Still her studies have nothing to do with her current practice of entrepreneurship.


McLean started out in the world of business as a customer care agent for Digicel Jamaica.

With a knack for marketing, she worked her way up to marketing manager and spent 10 and half years with the company before deciding to go out on her own – first as a freelance marketing consultant, and then as the proprietor of a new, kids-only salon.

In 2018 Pickney Pampering was born, much to the delight of parents and children. It was a natural progression for McLean, who attributes her entrepreneurial skills to her mother. Speaking with Flair, she shared recollections of her first business venture as a young primary schoolgirl, selling her snacks to other students.

Pickney Pampering caters to the needs of girls and boys, providing a kid-friendly and one-of-a-kind atmosphere for the young clientele. McLean, a mother of two, and her staff are great with their clients (children) and that’s because they believe children should have enjoyable and holistic life experiences. They make it their duty to ensure their methods and facilities cater to their clients’ every need.

“I saw the need for children haircare and children experiences. I wanted to create a place [where] children could feel comfortable,” McLean shared with Flair.

Amid her rapid growth in the beauty sector, McLean states that her biggest struggle is with staffing. She says that it is extremely difficult to find employees that remain diligent. 

With a recent expansion of Pickney Pampering at Mall Plaza under her belt, McLean is looking toward the future. Pickney Pampering is a big achievement for the 36-year-old, but it is not her biggest.


Her biggest achievement is her children, they have helped her to develop patience, love and compassion and are the motivating factor behind the salon and her endeavours.

As for her goals, they have no limits or timelines. It’s the secret to her success.

“Every single day I do something intentional towards my goal,” McLean shared with Flair.

When she’s not in office, she spends her time volunteering with the Jamaica Special Olympics Association. 

Story by Shemarr Henry

Photos by Nicholas Nunes


Shemarr Henry


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