Danielle ‘Danz’ Edmond reigns in her ‘Szn’

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

April 10, 2022

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CEO of Stay Golden Cosmetics, Danielle Edmond.

Walking into her greatness has always been the mood for the strong and style-savvy boss chick, Danielle Edmond. She shares more about the beauty of her success and how she reigns in her season.

“Danz Szn is Danielle being more in tune with her journey. I’ve never been so happy, so stimulated or so optimistic about where I am mentally, physically, and emotionally. It feels good to be here,” she told Flair in a recent interview.

The former model recently graced the island’s shores for a mesmerising pictorial with Elléments Magazine, appearing whimsical and majestic during her adventure in Portland. It is an accomplishment she never saw coming, but is one that she is proud of. While here, Edmond celebrated not one, not two, but three birthdays in one.

A-listers were treated to the irresistible grandeur of a three-day VIP experience. The weekend, which was curated by Good Vibz, began with a ‘Danzhall’-themed party at Chris Gordon’s Lounge 27/27 in Montego Bay on April 1. The melanated queen dazzled in a sleek chain dress dubbed the ‘Stay Golden’. “My ‘baeby’ and stylist Neko Kelly conceptualised the Stay Golden chain outfit, and my big bad designer, Denali, came through with its artistry. He literally built that dress on me, and I’m so honoured he named it Stay Golden,” she said.

Edmond walks the red carpet at the ‘Danzhall’ event, dazzling in this sleek ‘Stay Golden’ chain dress conceptualised by Neko Kelly and designed by Denali.

From there, it was off to making fashion waves at the all-black beach soirée entitled ‘Dinner en Noir’. The host certainly turned heads in a black, sheer outfit with fur, inspired by Rihanna’s iconic award dress. This look was created by two stylists, Kadian Nicely and Levac Designs. “The event ended with a fire show on the beach, with flames highlighting the birthday girl’s name,” Edmond added.

For her actual birthday, April 3, she set sail with her specially invited guests for an exclusive Stay Golden Cosmetics carnival yacht party. Picture a seascape filled with dancing, swimming, and relaxing with drinks in hand. Costume designer Annaixe hit all the style notes with a golden goddess carnival look, complemented by the Goddess Vibz 50 inch curly hair made and slayed by PuddonPlusSweet. “The party process was filled with some talented people,” said Edmond, who was happy to connect with familiar and new faces.

The entrepreneur’s premiere enterprise on the beauty scene saw her starting her business, Stay Golden Cosmetics, at home to become a household name. Grateful to be taking that trip down memory lane, it just stands as a reminder of how important manifestation is when it comes to building a company from the ground up. “I’m also smiling from ear to ear to see ‘luxurious’ associated with our brand. That means more than you know. I feel like I can’t stop going, because there’s so much more that I’m doing and want to keep doing.”

Captured behind the scenes on her Elléments Magazine photo shoot, The host of her three-day birthday event turned heads at ‘Dinner En Noir’ in this stunning black sheer outfit with fur, inspired by Rihanna’s iconic award dress. Stylists Kadian Nicely and Levac Designs brought this enchanting vision to life.

Since the subsequent flight of her lip kits, Edmond has added eyeshadows to her cosmetic line. Glamora, Stay Golden’s first-ever palette, is the epitome of festive, boasting dynamic shades that bring the magic to every look; they are truly out of this world.

But it doesn’t stop there. She completed her beauty portfolio with the creation of her very own skin and self-care line uQueen. “Taking time for yourself is something I live by, otherwise I’d be depleted. Wellness has become part of my lifestyle, and there are certain things that I’ve learned that I share through uQueen Organics, curated to provide products that are healthy, natural, luxurious, tantalisingly and sexy smelling, that will make women feel like queens,” she shared.

The global pandemic had everyone cramped up indoors, so her brands shifted their focus from outdoor engagement to heart-to-heart conversation indoors. “We did more talking, less emailing. We also had online parties, where we got to know more about our tribe. Our platforms became a safe place for people who opened up.”

Innovation leads the way for this mover and shaker, and she stays winning in her field by being true to her ‘tribe’ and giving her team the necessary tools to grow. The love that is shown in return is simply an added bonus. She hopes to make both her customers and her team happy and proud to be associated with the Stay Golden Cosmetics and uQueen Organics brands.


Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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