Designer Tishari Williams brings business into fashion

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

May 16, 2022

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It is said that nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is just that: beautiful. And making show-stopping contributions towards this refreshing approach to living in exquisite fashion is TWOriginals. Flair invited the founder and fashion designer Tishari Williams to walk our ‘red carpet’ and tell us more about her journey into what she defines as renaissance couture.

The innovative creative embarked on this exciting adventure into the fashion industry seven years ago and has been enjoying the fruits of her labour ever since.

“From a young age, I was always intrigued by how garments were made and how styles were created. Growing up seeing my grandma, now deceased, as a seamstress somehow fuelled my passion. With each day came a new love for fashion and all its amenities,” Williams shared.

Tishari Williams designs an enchanting mermaid-cut Ankara dress with an elegant hat to match

It is no wonder that this fashionista stitched a life beyond fabric, designing her way to being her own boss. Williams pursued her associate’s degree in fashion designing at the GARMEX HEART Trust National Training Agency (NTA) in Kingston and became certified as a fashion designer and sandal and slippers maker.

Based in Mandeville, Manchester, TWOriginals provides fashionable, high-end quality and affordable apparel and accessories that are designed for every occasion and for all ages and sizes. The brand name is reflective of the creator’s bold initials, and this agent of change continues to make it her mission to provide nothing but original styles.

Famous for taking us back to our roots in showcasing a plethora of jaw-dropping looks of the Ankara African print patterns, shipped straight from Nigeria, Williams creates outside of the fashion box, playing with designs in radiant colour. She also explores the classic shades of black (a closet staple of the little black dress) and white. Her bestsellers include the designer Ankara midi- and maxi- skirts, designer wristlet clutches and fanny packs with matching face masks, designer men’s shirts, and designer infinity dresses. She has even taken style liberties of making bridal dreams a reality by supplying wedding gowns for the super-special occasion.

“Staying ahead of the curve is very important. Fashion is probably the fastest-moving industry of all. What’s hot yesterday is not today, and that has posed a lot of challenges, so I have to constantly be at the top of my game, readjusting as the seasons change and looking ahead of the curve to see what might possibly be trending next,” she explained.

A firm believer of in-store shopping, the interactive displays, sample stations, and expert advice from the fashion consultant herself and other staff members go unmatched, providing a surreal yet tangible browsing and fitting experience. However, the entrepreneur is well aware that the nature of business is shifting, given the impact of the pandemic. This gave birth to having a greater online impact. Williams also noticed a change in the trends.

A popping look at the designer Ankara Maxi skirt

“Moving away from more formal office attire to business casual and working at home has resulted in lower sales for dress, shoes, and even some higher heels. The pandemic has sped that trend up as people look for clothing that is more casual and more all-purpose. Masks became a new trend, so I tapped into that niche as well,” Williams said.

The print and pattern guru, who brings her passion to her work, remains committed to giving her clients “outfits [that] are guaranteed to give the glam look, leaving heads turned on any occasion”.

Follow on Instagram: @twoiginals for more information.

Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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