Dr Chinel Lee – the 360 boss

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February 5, 2020

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Independent, optimistic and thoughtful are just some of the words that can be used to describe Dr Chinel Lee.

The young go-getter, who’s revelling in being a dentist and boss, set aside her dental handpieces recently to chat with Flair.

Dr Lee always loved medicine. In fact, it runs so deep, she has successfully convinced her two younger siblings to plunge into the field. When it came to her own decision, she wanted a career that would allow her to have a “social life”, too, and facilitate her being a full-time mom and exploring other facets of life. The best option was dentistry. This was a choice that was further propelled by a childhood scarring from a visit to the dental clinic. Fast-forward many years later, and she’s now the owner of 360 Dental, offering complete dental care to clients at the Hughenden Plaza on Molynes Road.

“I like everything about the medical field because I like to help people. But if I were to do anything outside of this industry, I’d definitely be a travel influencer. I want to explore the world and have fun. Or maybe I’d be a model,” she told Flair.

The 30-year-old vividly recollects her days studying The University of the West Indies. She says some memories, like her constant struggle to secure the fees for the programme, will forever be etched in her memory. Still, she worked diligently to actualise her dream, all in the name of self-sustenance.


“I’m fascinated by weird things, even when I was a child. I remember conducting autopsies on my pets when they die. Coming from a humble beginning, the dentist has roots grounded in the Christian faith. Still, she loves her occasional dose of dancehall music. Her favourite artiste is Vybz Kartel, but now she only wants to hear “Leader” by Masicka.

Her parents, who are also her biggest cheerleaders, top the list of her driving force. As a child she keenly observed them, which caused her to eventually draw rays of inspiration from her mother. That’s when she knew she needed to become strong and independent.

One would find it surprising that the Immaculate Conception High old girl is introverted and timid. Family-oriented, Dr Lee adores travelling, loves to exercise, but hates public attention and speaking. In spite of this dislike, she’s always ready to encourage others, even if it means wearing the hat of a social media influencer. She prefers to binge watch Netflix, (Grey’s Anatomy to be exact) or enjoy the company of close-knit family and friends.

Something few know: “People would be amazed that I can’t walk in high heels, even though I’m always taking photos in them. But I can’t walk in them to save my life,” she said.

Although she’s not yet a mother, the medical practitioner hopes to have three children in the next five years. Plus, she’s planning to take 360 Dental global.

Story by Rocheda Bartley


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