DTS Swim unleashes S22

Stephanie Lyew

June 20, 2022

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Designer Daniela Stone knew she wanted her newest swimwear collection to reflect the culture of Jamaica and be one that women of all body types would flock to. Since launching her brand, Stone has made a name for herself with structurally sound and stylish swimwear. She was even part of the Miami Swim Week in 2021, and now, to the delight of women, she is going full steam ahead with her 2022 summer collection of swimwear called ‘S22’, with a mission to promote body positivity and inclusivity.

“From participating in Miami Swim Week last year, I learnt that the world looks to the Caribbean for swimsuits. I mean, it’s technically always summer here. They draw inspiration from us so much, and Jamaica, in particular, is loved. For the brand, I realised that we can, in fact, compete with the international brands, and we have a space,” Stone told Flair.

She added, “I like to show people that DTS Swim is made with love, passion and a splash of ‘yawd vibes’. With that said, I personally like to ensure that no matter where the brand travels to, people will know it’s a Jamaican brand. Fun fact about the brand; we name all of our swimsuit designs off a Jamaican song. The whole island is an inspiration to me.”

This year’s attention-grabbers are named after dancehall song titles like Agony (Mavado), Ukku Bit, Electric (Vybz Kartel), and Set Good (RDX).
You could say Stone is a bit of a savant who believes that women should embrace their curves and be confident showing their skin. Everyone knows that when the sun’s out, it’s time to get your bums out!

The S22 collection plays off the smartly sexy aesthetic she has achieved throughout her brand. There is an emphasis on silhouettes and the collection has shades of blue, a diverse outdoors-inspired palette, and a touch of class with black-and-white patterns.

“The S22 collection is all about women embracing their curves and being confident. Most of the inspiration came from listening to my clients – and social media – and trying to apply what I have learnt over the years. We asked for help to name the pieces, for suggestions on what we should carry, if they would want more bikinis or monokinis, and the feedback from that community is greatly appreciated,” said Stone.

She shared that deciding on the shape of a swimsuit is a process of trial and error, noting that the design process for this summer’s collection saw her throwing out concepts completely, “because they were not practical for most body types”.

Stone said: “I like to try new things, [so] I keep in mind the women that really just want to swim, as well as the women that want to have ‘fire’ vacation looks.”

Accessibility and comfort are essential, and it’s for that reason that some of the pieces are customisable. “We love making the brand accessible to our Jamaican women. I want women overall to feel a part of something special, to feel confident, comfortable and fabulous. I’d love to see more inclusive swimwear designs incorporating our beautiful plus-size women. DTS Swim is a growing Jamaican brand that I’m proud of, and I would like others to feel just the same when they are in one of my pieces,” Stone said.

DTS is located at Shop 5 Central Plaza, Half-Way Tree. Telephone: 876-803-5150, visit dtsswim.com or @dtsswim on social media.


Stephanie Lyew


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