Easy stylin’ with Arielle Oliver

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March 16, 2020

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Arielle Oliver is a 25-year-old PR creative who lives for all things lifestyle. And with lifestyle comes the sphere of fashion. As one gets to know Oliver, one can easily figure out her personal style: timeless with classic statement pieces; accessories; and light, dewy make-up. 

“I like having one piece that stands out for all of my outfits. I build around the statement piece until it becomes the mood for the day,” she explained. 

When you venture into this storyteller’s closet, you’re bound to see three constant colours: red, black, and white. From cigarette pants to minidresses, she wears it all and isn’t afraid to show some skin, depending on the occasion. When with friends, Oliver prefers stilettos and fitted clothes. For other affairs, she focuses on a cinched waist, visually extending the leg, and tassel earrings with red lips. 

 Usually, she sports a vibrant and playful personality that matches her lipstick colour on simple make-up days. Her go-to look is easily achievable: foundation, contour, powder, and highlighter. “I wear make-up because it enhances what is already there. The key to great make-up, however, is great skin. Once your skin is glowing, your make-up routine can be very simple,” she advised. 

“Fashion, for me, isn’t just about what you wear, but it’s how you wear your mood, personality, and energy. When everything comes together, it makes your outfit magic.” 

Want to see more of her looks? Check out her Instagram @lady_arielle! 

Story by Jessica Harrison


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