Emancipation Park Nudes Come Alive

Jessica Harrison
Jessica Harrison

December 27, 2019

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Bold is one word to describe 29-year-old Samantha McKenzie and after reading this, we’re sure you will agree.

This year, after Christmas dinner, while most of you were probably in bed or suffering from a serious case of colic, McKenzie was on Knutsford Boulevard ticking one additional experience from her 2019 bucket list. A born lover of the arts and all things that go against the grain, she decided that she was going to follow through with an idea that has never ceased to cross her mind. “I workout at Emancipation Park every day, and every day I had the same desire. Get naked, join the statue and take a picture,” she explained.  

“Freedom! And then some #rebel,” Samantha McKenzie captioned her December 25, 2019 post to her Instagram account, @itssamanthablack.

When asked about the planning and preparation, McKenzie laughed and recalled that she was just driving around Kingston looking for a hangout spot and she happened to be driving past Emancipation Park when she decided tonight was the night. “I called my friend who was already in bed, and told her that I needed her to take one photo of me at the park. She reluctantly came, seeing that I was already at her gate,” she said. 

“The water was cold,” she said while letting out a sharp giggle, “but I felt great, I felt free and I’d definitely do it all over again”. 

Crowd’s Reaction   

Yes, we’re getting to your real questions: What about her job? Were people watching? What is social media saying? Luckily, for McKenzie, she’s an entrepreneur who isn’t guided by the same codes that most corporations enforce and, both the few passersby, who encouraged her while she disrobed and made her word-less statement along with her social media followers, were quite delighted by what they saw.   

@thereisonly1sdr: She is ART  

@jamzged: Wow. How?! This is art… I love it.  

@kingsley.simpson: Beautiful   

“Having been raised in a very conservative environment, I was always afraid to step out of the box but these days I’m doing what makes me happy and living life to its fullest,” she said proudly.

What about her family? McKenzie said her mother has yet to comment on the photo but her silence usually means that she is not entirely displeased.   

What are your thoughts on Samantha’s bold, nude photograph? Email us at lifestyle@gleanerjm.com. Read the full story in tomorrow’s Saturday Gleaner.

Story by Jessica Harrison


Jessica Harrison


Jessica Harrison

Just six months in, Jessica Harrison is the newest member of the Flair team but, in that short time, she has surely been cemented in everyone’s mind as a woman who is full of life, expression, and vibrance. One who is filled with unapologetic flair and PIZAZZ and discovering and marching to her own beat.

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