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May 9, 2020

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“As daunting as this COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be, and as devastating as its impact is on people both here at home and around the world, we must stand together, united. We must all act with purpose, resolve, love and compassion because when we do so, there is nothing than can defeat us. As we have always done, let us band together, Jamaica. Let us reach out to others. Let us act with kindness, care, empathy and compassion, and use the opportunity of this crisis to grow with respect for each other as one Jamaican family, for indeed, our unity has always been our greatest strength.” – Portia Simpson Miller, former prime minister of Jamaica

Has social distancing nipped your Mother’s Day spa plans in the bud? Maybe it doesn’t have to. 

Local hair and skincare brand, Ettenio, has a fun alternative your mother can enjoy in the comfort of her own home — a spa in a box. Now you can get a special selection of the beauty brand’s organic and toxic-free products in a special package. 

“My team and I knew we wanted to do something special for Mother’s Day. So, we asked ourselves as mothers — what would we want? We knew we wanted something that’s good for us and had a lasting effect. So we were like — why not bring the spa to them?” Ettenio Boos Antoinette Davis told Flair

All items are specially selected and offer moms the opportunity for some organic pampering. 

“We hand-picked these products because these combined offer a full self-care experience. You don’t have to go anywhere. Enjoy it in the comfort and quarantine of your home,” said Davis. 


The box includes bath and body oil, pineapple papaya scrub, sorrel lotion, honey and two coronavirus essentials — hand sanitiser and a face mask. 

“The small honey is helpful in fighting viral infections during this pandemic and the face mask, which is made by NaMaste, another female entrepreneur and mom, is very important during the crisis as it’s now mandated for everyone to wear a mask,” Davis explained.

The boxed spa, which comes in two different packaging options, also gives moms the opportunity to experience the Ettenio difference. 

“When you use Ettenio, you can feel the love and care vibrating through every product molecule. We hear all the time that people instantly feel better when they start using our line. We offer the best products because we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes always,” Davis assured Flair.

For Davis, you can tell the difference with each product that bears the Ettenio brand.

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