Evolve and live with Coach Judy Chloe

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

September 2, 2019

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Welcome to Inside Out, where Flair explores the fascinating field of health, wellness and fitness. Today, we weigh in on how the virtual world meets the physical with online coach, Judy Chloe.
“Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince,” is a mantra that the fabulously fit Judy Morgan, known professionally as Judy Chloe, lives by. 
The petite trainer, who provides workout videos and recipes, as well as online support for her clients, is no stranger to the health world. In fact, her mother is a medical pathologist, and because she grew up hearing about diseases, she went into ‘prevention better than cure’ mode, making fitness a big part of her life. She recounted working out for the first time when she was 13 years old. By the time she reached 17, she decided to enter her first fitness competition and in 2018, after much success, stopped competing to zone in on holistic health. From her focus on everyday health, Judy Chloe Fitness was born.  

Chloe’s company is online-based by nature but she does personal training as well.

“I focus mainly on training women because I want to make a positive impact on their lives. I have a challenge – they get a meal plan aligned with their goals. I have a nutritionist and a massage therapist on my team. I am certified in personal training and physical therapy. We have programmes and a support group. We have WhatsApp conversations where everyone openly talks about the hard parts on their journey and motivate each other daily.” 

One of her most memorable clients dropped 53 pounds, moving from 210 pounds to 157 pounds and counting. But Chloe isn’t stopping there. There are more programmes, targeting even more users on the way. She is currently launching volume two of her Evolve and Live programme, where clients receive a workout routine, videos on how to perform the exercises, along with a meal plan. This programme has officially started for September, but those interested can jump on the Evolve and Live train in October.

”If you want a fun programme, that is designed to uplift, educate and motivate for the long run, then this is for you.”

Judy Chloe is tough and tackles whatever comes her way. How she tackles misconceptions, obstacle and fitness.

  1. Facing MisconceptionsLifting heavy weights in order to attain a really nice physique is one of women’s biggest fitness misconceptions. To that, Judy Chloe says you can actually work out from home using light to no weights and still achieve your ideal body. “That’s one of the biggest things in modern era. Back in the day, women used to work out at home, then the new trend came out about that ‘lifting weights doesn’t make you bulky’. While that is in fact true, you can still achieve your goal by focusing on body weight exercises: more reps can target muscle burning and muscle building.”
  2. Facing Obstacles – The obstacles she has faced as a trainer is getting her clients’ nutrition on point. Nutrition is the most important part of health, more so that the exercise is easier said than done, she reveals. “You can be physically fit and not achieve the physique you want, because you’re not eating right. The struggle is real, even for me, who once gained weight and had to lose, so I understand. And I’m happy to receive support and pay it forward by spreading that positivity.”
  3. Facing FitnessFitness for Chloe is all-encompassing. Eating clean, working out and sleeping is important because it translates to all aspects of your life, from how you interact with people to operating at your peak.
For more information, follow Judy Chloe on Instagram @judychloefitness or email judychloefitness@gmail.com.
Shot on location at Ultimate Fitness Gym, located at Shop 23, Waterloo Road, Kingston 10.
Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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