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May 12, 2020

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Somewhere between ages 11 and 12, Jada Campbell discovered the world of fashion through YouTube, and intentionally changed the narrative of how she was perceived.

Not to be missed in her signature gold hoops, she may be spotted strutting through life mixing and matching two-piece sets paired with shoes to match her mood, a blazer and statement bag, which only holds space for her patience and mobile device.

“I’m 98 per cent a skirt person. I don’t necessarily love jeans but if I must, it’s ‘mom jeans’ which enhances my derrière,”

said the 21-year-old law student.

Through shopping, Jada quickly noticed that clothes weren’t necessarily made with her body type in mind and decided that for important events, she would have to go bespoke.

Having very large boobs means most brands don’t truly cater to my body, Whether it be that your pants are always too short (my tall girls always complain about this), your sleeves are always too long (my short girls complain about this) or you just simply can’t find anything out there that fits you right. Having a go-to dressmaker means you can alter everything to fit your body perfectly,” she explained. 

When it comes to make-up, for her, it’s all about the skin. She prefers a light dewy finish which adds to her easy-breezy but smart aesthetic and to top it off, she adds lipgloss. “If you ever catch me wearing eye make-up, just know my sister did it,” she said with a chuckle. Hair hasn’t quite been a key aspect of Campbell’s look. Usually, she would get braids because they’re easy and require little to no manipulation. However, she’s been catching up on her skills via YouTube so follow her on Instagram @heyprude to see which styles she’s been interested in. 

Shoes are important and while Campbell has a wide array, there are a few must-haves: black combat boots, clear heels and barely-there sandals.
Lastly, we asked about her outfit-choosing process. “I choose 1 piece that fits my mood and then build the entire outfit around it,” she said.

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