Exploring photography with Trevaun Morris

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March 30, 2020

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What started out as a joke became a passion for 23-year-old creative Trevaun Morris. Raised by his grandma in Portland, Morris was always good at numbers. But he remembers taking up the camera and never putting it back down. This led to him graduating from The University of the West Indies with a bachelor’s degree in accounting while exploring the realms of photography. “The two don’t tie together,” he said with a chuckle, “but I do enjoy both, and I’ve found a way for them to co-exist.”

 Looking at his work, there are a few things that you will notice: he works mostly with dark-skinned models, he prefers to use natural and earth tones that complement the model’s skin, and he almost always tries to add a pop of colour. From fashion shoots to editorial and portrait shots, everything ties together when he edits. “This takes about two hours. I already have the vision of how I want each photo to look. The trick is having to figure out how to communicate what’s in my head,” he explains. 

What inspires him? Everything. It could be as simple as leaves falling from a tree or his grandmother’s curtains. From there, he conceptualises and remains focused, but he is untethered during shoots to ensure maximum creativity. 

 Flair certainly enjoys how he captures the male aesthetic. They appear strong and self-assured but very gentle and nurturing. He plays a lot with lighting to set the mood of each photo, and so one can’t help but feel something when digesting these photos. 

To see more, follow Trevaun Morris on Instagram @treevv_. 

Story by Jessica Harrison 


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