Faces Going Places: Bridal Glow with Elite Pro

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

September 7, 2020

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Cassandra McClure once said, “Make-up is self-confidence applied directly to the face.” Now, who wouldn’t want this level of confidence while walking up the aisle and saying ‘I do’ to the one you love. Looking to add magic to the nuptial experience by bringing that gorgeous bridal glow is Elite Pro Skincare and Makeup.

Claudia Buchanan-Morris, the beauty behind Elite Pro, is not your typical make-up artist. This MUA is also a trained and certified skincare consultant, who prides herself on providing naturally flawless looks for clients and students.

Elite Pro Makeup provides make-up for all occasions; however, the company specialises in bridal beauty make-up. One-on-one make-up lessons and sessions have also been offered to women who want to learn the basic make-up application technique that’s perfect for them.”

Make-up application is not just about applying make-up but also about understanding your skin tone and undertones and your facial aesthetics; how to accentuate your features and enhance your natural beauty,” she told Flair.

How it all began

Buchanan-Morris discovered her creative side while in high school; she looked forward to attending those beloved art classes. As she got older, she traded in her paintbrushes for make-up brushes and embarked on an exciting journey into the wonderful world of beauty.

Dabbling in make-up for personal use, she picked up tips and tricks from YouTube and began trying new looks. “I was fascinated by how makeup is used to enhance one’s beauty and how much confidence it would bring.” Initially, she had no intentions of turning this love into a business. But as she started wearing make-up, her friends and family, who admired her talent and passion, encouraged her to tap into the opportunity. Five and a half years later, the entrepreneur has no regrets.

When working with looks, particularly for the wedding day, her go-to is her signature style of make-up: a natural, soft glam that focuses on enhancing the natural features of her client’s face. “I love to play with eyes while maintaining a clean, flawless skin. I can, of course, take it up a notch, depending on what the clients sometimes request. But what you realise as a make-up artist is that your clients already know what your style of make-up is and what they want before booking your service.”

Looking up to MUAs like Danessa Myricks for her impeccable style of make-up in soft and sultry glam looks; and Pat McGrath, who is all about flawless, luminous skin, Buchanan-Morris believes that make-up is so much more than covering imperfections and flaws. “It is that sense of satisfaction you get when you see the confidence and excitement that your client exudes at the end of a session. I love the challenge of being able to fulfil my clients’ requests regardless of their facial aesthetics flaw, or imperfections,” she added.

The fear factor

Fear factored as a hurdle for the young professional. Fear of the unknown; the fear of not knowing if persons will like her work, if they will book her service. She was able to push aside her doubt by setting certain goals. Once those were accomplished, she blended right into achieving her greatness.

With the pandemic negatively impacting the beauty industry on a large scale, she decided to shift the focus from a decrease in daily bookings to an increase in her engagement and expand in bridal services. “I have been using this opportunity to build my business and staying relevant and active, especially on my social media platforms. I have also been focusing on my new business venture, Elite Essence Bridal Boutique, which will be providing luxurious bridal pieces. I’m super excited to launch my new business for my bridal beauties.”

Outside of her MUA duties, Buchanan-Morris enjoys being a mom to her three beautiful babies. “There’s nothing else in the world I would rather be doing than being a mom. It’s definitely a full-time job but it brings me so much joy just watching them grow into these little humans.”

Her advice to aspiring MUAs is don’t be crippled by fear. She encourages that you do your research and set goals for yourselves. “Many may think the beauty industry is ‘overpopulated’ but what will make you stand out as a make-up artist or in any other business is what you bring to the table; your uniqueness, level of skill sets and talent.”

For more information, email: eliteproskincareandmakeup@gmail.com
or follow @elitepromakeupbyclaudia_ and @elitepromakeup on Instagram.


Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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