Faces Going Places with Teeah Anderson

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

July 6, 2020

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According to American make-up artist Bobbi Brown, “I believe all women are pretty without make-up – but with the right make-up can be pretty powerful.” This is often expressed by those make-up artists seeking to bring flawless grandeur to every special occasion. Flair decided to highlight a few local beauties behind the brushes and explore how they keep the magic going. Welcome to Faces Going Places. Meet bridal beat queen, Teeah Anderson.

For almost a decade, Anderson has been pursuing a thriving career in make-up artistry. She started out as an assistant before working her way up to running her own business. We dug a little deeper to find out when exactly she tapped into her creative spirit.

“I have always been creative. Drawing was and probably still is my favourite thing to do even though I don’t as much anymore,” she told Flair.  

Staying in the arts, she progressed from her drawing days to dabble in the field of modelling. That sojourn led the young hopeful to discover her love for the brush. “Even though I liked the runway and posing in front of the camera, the make-up process was always the best part. I was the one among the group asking the questions and trying to figure out what was happening on my face and why. I was then offered an opportunity to become a make-up artist’s assistant and well, here we are nine years later.”

She attributes her transition from passion to profession to a small entrepreneurial event that took place at high school. Although she couldn’t recall much from the day’s proceedings, one message that stood out to her the most was ‘turn your interest into income’. It didn’t mean much at first but it all made sense when she embarked on 876 Faces by Teeah.

Her specialisation is airbrushed bridal beauty.

“There is something about being an integral part of someone’s vision on such an important day that satisfies my soul. Make-up overall can enhance outward appearances but the confidence and moral boost I’ve seen it give my brides over the years truly compares to nothing else.”

She does take regular, corporate and commercial bookings as well. Additionally, Anderson offers consultation make-up shopping and more recently online make-up classes. “My flagship virtual class called ‘Your Signature Look Masterclass’ is geared towards women who want to learn what make-up techniques best fit their features so they can rock an accessible signature style with confidence,” she added proudly. The reception so far has been fantastic for the entrepreneur, aside from the occasional ups and downs. The hardest-hit so far has been COVID-19. The decline in bookings came as a result of the global pandemic, but Anderson was grateful that she was still able to pivot and continue her stream of income.

Naturally, she takes great pleasure in seeing the excitement and satisfaction on her client’s face after an awesome glam session. But for her, it goes much deeper than that. “The human face is my canvas and that alone keeps me on my toes. The complexities in the faces I’ve encountered over the years has kept me sharp and continues to keep me excited to show up every time.”
As far as signature looks goes, she leans more towards providing a soft glam to her clients. “This style offers a luxuriously sultry appearance and always has a focal point; whether it’s the eyes, lips or skin. In my work, the skin will always be the focus. I personally never veer too far from that glow from within the red carpet aesthetic.”

She continues by noting, “However, depending on the client, I may add a secondary focus, usually the eyes. On the other hand, I’ve been so blessed to have clients sit in my chair and say ‘just do something gorgeous’. To know that they can place such trust in me and my craft automatically puts them in a special place in my heart.”

Makeup Must-Haves

So what’s a make-up artist with her own essentials? Her five must-haves in tote:

  • skin tone concealer
  • brow pencil
  • translucent loose powder
  • mascara
  • lipstick

Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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