Falling in love with the Thompsons

Rocheda Bartley
Rocheda Bartley

February 7, 2020

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On December 28, 2019, Nateisha Heron walked down the aisle in a “surreal” moment, focusing solely on the man she loves, Mark Thompson. It was a dream wedding coming to life, for a couple who first wanted to tie the knot nine years ago, after three months of dating.

Nateisha, a financial adviser, met her knight in shining armour, who happens to be a branch manager, for a Kingston financial institution. You could describe the encounter as love at first sight, as soon after, the two knew that they belonged together. That’s why Tigress 1 Resort, Negril, was transformed into a regal landscape, with a wedding reception fit for royalty.

“What sealed it for me was how much of a great mother and homemaker she is, even while excelling at her career,” Mark told Flair.

His loving, caring and responsible demeanour convinced his lady love that he was made for her. “I knew all along” and being on the cruise with him less than a year after we met made me further realise how ambitious and loving he is. But what truly captured my heart is how he fathers our son,” the newly-wed said.

They see their union as unique and unconditional. Although they wanted to be united in wedlock long ago, Mark caught Nateisha off guard when he asked for her hand in marriage, the second time. It was his mother’s, Marva Johnson’s 60th birthday party, and with close friends and family already convening in one location, he thought it was the ideal place and time.


Neither Nateisha nor Mark had doubts about becoming one in holy matrimony. Their love and confidence in each other were enough to bring them through a moment that the new bride describes as easier than expected.

“When you marry a man like Mark, who ensures all is taken care of and makes every thought and dream come alive, you have nothing to worry about,” Nateisha boasted.

Mark thinks he had the perfect wedding. In fact, he believes that every single moment was special and can’t think of another time that he was so happy or smiled so much. But if he were compelled to choose what he’ll remember forever, that would be how perfect his then bride-to-be looked in her dress.

“I started smiling when I saw how lovely the bridal party looked. But when I saw Nateisha, there are no words that can describe it. The wedding gown was custom made by Uzuri International, so you know the dress was perfect for Nateisha’s curves. It was like watching the most beautiful woman I have ever seen walking towards me. Literally. I told her that Lisa Hanna has nothing on you, baby,” Mark said.

Story by Rocheda Bartley
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