Fashion the Wright Way

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

January 6, 2020

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The mood, the environment, the media and the climate are the biggest influencers in setting the tone for Jodiann Wright’s looks.

The globetrotter spends the majority of her time in the skies, providing safety and comfort for passengers on the aircraft. But when she gets some downtime, this beautiful flight attendant can be found exploring and embracing a variety of interesting cultures. “A part of the experience in visiting another country is sampling its food, the local fashion and what is seen as beauty in the standard of its people.”

So, it is only fitting that Wright describes her personal style as a sum of the who, what and where: the individuals she is around, what she has seen or where she’s been. “I’ve never been afraid to try something different or weird, even if it made me look silly. I don’t follow trends; once I’m comfortable, I’ll wear it. I’ve always felt different and dressed accordingly. I don’t know where it begins or ends, but it will always speak for me.”

Let’s walk into her closet for a minute. The style queen admits that although she doesn’t have a favourite colour, nudes and earth tones have been a highlight within the last year. She isn’t a fan of prints but floral patterns make her weak in the knees. Here’s more: she quiets the vintage versus new-age fashion debate by asking how could you not mix the two? While she is a sucker for vintage, the fusion of both worlds is the orange juice to her champagne.

Cheers to that mimosa!

A couple of her style do’s that have turned heads include thigh-high boots accessories, “Never underestimate a sweet piece of accessory such as a floppy hat that’ll add flair to any outfit, or a unique scarf,” she revealed.

A style currently jumping out at her from all angles? An amazing curve-hugging flare pants. “They are so fun and can easily be dressed down or up.” And one fashion piece she absolutely cannot live without is her jacket. “Whether it’s a jeans or leather, I need a jacket.”

Her favourite place to visit for its style is Athens, Greece. “I find their style flowing and delicate. Vintage or gladiator influenced sandals and purses that are handmade are great for your summer wardrobe,” the fashionista added.

Story by Krysta Anderson

Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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Krysta Anderson