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June 8, 2020

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The most brilliant ideas are born out of hardships. Momtrepreneur Coralee Osborne used the lessons learned from shedding weight postpartum to inspire other mothers and persons struggling with health and fitness.

Osborne told Flair that she gained 50 pounds after having her first child. She recounted the day that reality first set in. “I never realised the amount of weight I had gained until I got stuck inside of a dress in a store’s change room.”

Beside herself in tears, the last thing she wanted was a visit from the sales associate, but Osborne was startled by her knock at the door. The unwelcomed attention on the other side of the dressing room initiated panic, which only exacerbated her situation. She was only doing her job by checking in, but the truth is, this mom was not okay. “I had no choice but to purchase and wear the dress out,” she added.

She drove home in tears and her mother had to cut her from the dress. After weighing herself, she discovered that she was 220 pounds. “I didn’t even notice this happening. Clothing with stretch will have you living in denial,” she lamented. Remaining in denial, Osborne still forced her body into small clothing. Squeezing in didn’t mean it fits – yet another epiphany. That’s when she recognised the weight issue.

The transformation

Since then, she began her journey, going on the most fabulous diets you can think of. “I had my rounds of cosmetic surgery, only to gain it all back and often more.” Naturally, after trying everything and failing, she felt like giving up.

She, however, forgot one step: aligning her mindset with her fitness goals. She asserts this is the first and most important step. She acknowledged that there isn’t any quick fix to weight management. A total lifestyle change was the only way to be successful with her ongoing war against her weight! “That’s what led me to exercise and a drastic change in my eating habits.” She has gone on to lose 80 pounds to 140 pounds but comfortably sits pretty at a hot 150.

Her mantra “Change your lifestyle, and it will change your life” is what propelled her to embark on new entrepreneurial pursuits. Already in the beauty industry, Osborne expanded to health and fitness. “My personal fitness and wellness journey is the driving force behind BellaBodyJA. Wellness is not just a business for me, it’s my passion, it’s my lifestyle. But it all manifested after having a rough 2019.” Tragic circumstances led her to a dark place, but found light in a healthy lifestyle and exercise, which fuelled her focus.

Bella Body Ja, according to the owner, is a powerhouse of support, motivation, equipment and tools to aid and assist you at any point of your wellness and fitness journey. The services provided include nutrition programmes, exercise programmes, wellness lifestyle aids, weight-loss management, coaching, support and wellness information. She also supplies activewear, exercise equipment, compression garments and cosmetic surgery information.

The concept came into being during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the need for physical wellness increased dramatically. “BellaBodyJA was created to aid the public on the path to wellness,” she revealed.

Her personal struggles continue to be her biggest motivation, and she uses these memories to motivate and inspire her clients. “I motivate them the way I would have wanted someone to aid me during my journey. The hardest part of reaching your health and fitness goals is consistency. I encourage consistency through personal demonstration, I remain a consistent part of their journey through phone calls, voice notes and text messages. Checking in with them, letting them know someone else is cheering for them, is really a game-changer.”

Osborne is currently working on a home for her wellness centre. You can obtain membership, and/or shop online at
She also recommends following @bellabodyja on Instagram and on Facebook: Bella Body Ja for further information.

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