Floyd Green and Dr Kerida Brice to tie the knot: ‘I did a thing 💍’

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November 2, 2021

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Wedding bells are ringing for Floyd Green and partner, Dr Kerida Brice.

The duo, known to cut quite the figure at swearing-ins, made the announcement via Instagram a short while ago.

“Yes,” captioned the member of parliament for St Elizabeth South Western in a post to Instagram, which shows a hidden Brice in green with her hand on his shoulder and the beautiful dainty engagement ring on her finger.

“I did a thing (ring emoji),” posted Brice to her own page, with the ring and her face clearly visible as she embraced Green.

Both later quoted a sweet tribute penned by poet and photographer, Adrian McDonald. “I think about days when the sun would rise and set in an instance, days when I’ve lived many lives in a single breath, drawn in awe of your magnificence. And in your presence, I am like water that’s freely contained. Here is where I choose to settle, grounded by depths of affection and surrounded by shores of love,” stated the coordinated posts.

The caption spoke of the enormity of their union, adding that, “I do not know when we happened, or how we became, but somehow we managed to trap eternity between our souls.”

Green and Brice share a son, Nathaniel Marcus.


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