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May 7, 2020

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Let’s be honest, there are only three ways to emerge from your home after isolation: fit, the same, or in need of a diet. With gyms being closed, along with the need to stay indoors, in-home workouts are being considered, and several gyms, using online mediums, are playing their part in keeping us fit and sane. 
Staying/getting healthy and in shape while in quarantine isn’t impossible. However, it requires determination, routine, and, sometimes, equipment. “But I don’t have equipment at home,” you say? Flair met with Ambrose Brandon, who’s been a trainer for just about seven years, and he says that there are a few things one could find around the house that would work just as well as gym equipment. 

WEIGHTS: “PVC pipes filled with water or sand and ends capped off can be used as a weighted barbell. With water, it is referred to as a slosh tube and engages the core muscles with the constant change and movement of the water,” Brandon said. Other containers such as paint cans, water, and detergent bottles can also be used. Sounds good, right?
CAR: “If space allows, one can push a vehicle back and forth, which will give resistance for legs, arms, and core,” explained Brandon. However, be sure you’re not entirely alone while doing this. 
PLATES: When we heard this one, we were pleasantly surprised. “Use as sliders for performing abdominal workouts. The plates ease friction between the floor and your feet,” he said. 
ROPE: Throw it over a tree branch, or wedge it between the door and door jamb (with the door closed). One can perform assisted pull-ups, suspension planks, push-ups, and a variety of other moves.
PLASTIC BOTTLES: You probably already know of this one. Filled with water or sand, Brandon explained, these can easily replace light dumb-bells weighing as much as 5lb that you can use to engage in curls, raises, presses, etc.
BACKPACKS: No, we’re not going back to school, but backpacks make great equipment addition. “This was what was used originally as a weighted vest,” he said. “Filled with books to the weight of your choice, one can perform squats, weighted push-ups, lunges, etc.” They can also be used as kettlebells for swinging exercises. Or simply strap on the backpack with your desired weight and go for a walk.
STAIRS: Try walking up and down them. If you are more advanced, try sprinting. Also, jumping with both legs at the same time has proven to be effective. Feeling an extra pep in your step? Try skipping steps while jumping. 
Currently, Ambrose Brandon carries out personal training at Barbican Football Field, or he can come to you in the privacy of your home. Looking for a personal trainer? Follow his Instagram: @bossbrosey or reach him on WhatsApp: 876-379-5518. 

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