Getting to know Estafan

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

July 27, 2020

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With an air of confidence, the laws of physical attraction drive you to appreciate his chiselled body. His smooth chocolate skin, sweet smile and deep brown eyes penetrate the very soul of your desires. There’s nothing sexier than the visual indulgence of a handsome and charming guilty pleasure.

Since the virtual world has taken over, local man crushes like Andre Estafan have stepped into the spotlight, entertaining female fans worldwide with his hot, jaw-dropping posts on social media. He has even been the envy of a few men who pale to walk in his rugged yet refined shadow. Today, Lifestyle takes you behind the scenes to find out more about this melanin sensation.

While Andre Estafan was born in Jamaica, he was actually raised in The Bahamas. “My mom was around but I was raised by my grandmother for the most part. Growing up in Grand Bahama was a bit different. I’m more accustomed to the Bahamian/American lifestyle.”

Currently, a full-time student, majoring in computer science at Northern Caribbean University (NCU), Estafan does modelling part-time and has made quite a name for himself as a social influencer. “I’ve realised that a lot of people are looking up to me more than I think. So I need to watch the things that I do and be careful of the messages I convey.” He continued, “I always want to be positive, honest and leave something that can help someone out in a good way. Since I’ve been an influencer, I’ve been trying to keep that positivity going, for sure.”
Additionally, he has become a Campari Brand Ambassador. Although he thought he was initially contacted by a fake page, he has been floored by the experience and the company’s incredible work ethic. “They treat their ambassadors well. I respect and appreciate how levelled the brand is. And I love the team; young and understanding.”

He describes his personal style as comfortable, clean, simple but classy. And he believes that his best feature is his personality. “People will see me and think that I’m overly confident or conceited. But once they start talking to me and see who I am, they’ll realise I’m much more than my looks or what they see on the outside. Not a lot of people get to experience, because I’m pretty, so many don’t know what it’s like,” the active man who maintains a healthy lifestyle and enjoys going to the gym every day said.

Ideal First Date

Ladies, this segment is for you.
When Estafan was asked what would be his ideal first date, he said that having great conversation with the stillness and quiet of the ocean in the background and something simple like getting some food, then taking a walk on the beach. He did make special mention of what he found most attractive in a woman, “… her drive to be the best she can be. A lot of females are too relaxed and dependent on a man or some other thing. They don’t find their true potential.”

Optimistic, determined, cultured, positive and lionhearted, Estafan hopes to build an empire for himself and create a legacy for his family. “I try to keep focused. I pray, read scriptures so that I can do what I can, by any honest means. And I keep going. I use that to motivate me and I want to make my grandmother proud.”

Stunt riding used to provide enjoyment for the young adventurer, but these days, he has traded in his bike for his car, driving to some attraction and finding a hidden gem, taking pictures and travelling.
Now wrapping up his degree, he also hopes to get his commercial pilot licence soon and explore new and exciting opportunities like acting. “Expect the unexpected. I will appreciate the experiences that come my way and accept the blessings.”

Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

Tackles sex and relationships with honesty and openness. For months, she took readers on a journey of self-exploration with personal dating column 'Single but Iffy to Mingle'. Now she's ready for an even bigger adventure.

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