GIS engineer De-Andrea Bryan creates period panty line

Sade Gardner

March 7, 2022

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De-Andrea Bryan, founder of Luna Care period underwear.

As the founder of Luna Care, De-Andrea Bryan is charting new territory in the promotion of women’s health and wellness.

Launched in July 2021, Bryan shared that Luna Care started as a way for her to find personal alternatives to sanitary pads, but ultimately led to her diversifying the local feminine hygiene product market with leak-proof and reusable period panties.

“Over the years, I have been personally displeased with my experiences with sanitary pads, for a myriad of reasons, and was always curious of other alternatives,” Bryan told Flair. “This led me into a tailspin of research for months, looking for suitable alternatives that would have a positive impact on my body and the environment. After testing out the product for myself, I started to think about how other women could benefit from this product. After speaking with a few family [members] and friends, I quickly learnt that there are many females who were allergic to sanitary napkins and were desperately seeking alternatives.”

Bryan, a geographic information systems engineer, took advantage of the flexibility engendered by the pandemic to develop the underwear, which is available in high and moderate absorbencies and can be used for menstrual, post-partum and incontinence purposes. It can also be hand- or machine-washed and carries a lifespan of one to two years. But why a period panty of all sanitary products, especially in Jamaica?

“Personally, I wanted a product that was safe for my health, comfortable, but still effective, discreet and reduced plastic waste and the impacts on the environment,” she said. “Period underwear was the only product that checked all of those boxes. After using the product, I developed a newfound love and enthusiasm for the menstrual experience and wanted to share my excitement with other females alike.”

Luna Care’s offerings extend to period gift boxes and bundles, and Bryan said the overall feedback has been positive.

“We have received stories from our clients which have brought tears to my eyes! They are excited to share how the product has positively impacted their lives, including their overall health and attitude towards their period. Although we do understand that this product is very new on the Jamaican market, and some people will still be sceptical, we are confident that with proper information dissemination, we can see a more open and accepting view of non-traditional menstrual products.”

These hipster period panties are available in black and teal in moderate or high absorbency.

For those hesitant to try a period panty, Bryan suggested trying it as a backup for heavier days with other menstrual products, “to ensure complete protection and gain confidence in the product”. There is also the option of first testing it at home.

Her vision for Luna Care is to see their underwear distributed throughout the island and the Caribbean, and being the go-to product for females. The brand will also continue to engage charity initiatives with its ongoing programme of disseminating sanitary items to the homeless and less fortunate women.

Bryan envisions a Jamaica which has a progressive attitude to menstruation.

“I would like to see the removal of negative connotations, perspectives and ignorance towards this natural bodily experience,” she said. “By embracing menstruation as a natural process, and being more open and knowledgeable about the varying issues and conditions affecting women and their periods, we might be able to improve how younger girls and older women care for their bodies during this time.”


Sade Gardner


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