Glam Masterclass: A L’Oreal Makeover

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

December 16, 2019

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Beautiful people convened at one spot, The Beauty Spot, for a recently staged L’Oreal Paris Sip and Glam event. Dressed to impress, guests revelled in the midst of quality cosmetics, as they awaited the night’s main event: a makeup master-class with international makeup artist Jason Guasch.

No stranger to Jamaica, this was Guasch’s fifth visit to the island. And he was quick to highlight that the country’s beauty could be found in its culture and people.

The baby for the evening: L’Oreal True Match. With over 20 shades to choose from, it’s certainly safe to say there is a match made in cosmetic heaven for just about everyone, since it is true to you and your skin. Because the Caribbean is a melting pot of races, women from this region possess different shades of colour. L’Oreal True Match, he said, provides the most inclusive range of choosing your tone

Just before he jumped into his beauty makeover with his model, Allison, he asked his attentive audience to define beauty. There were several answers: beauty is everything; beauty is what you feel; beauty comes from within and beauty is confidence. He enjoyed the group’s way of thinking and put that motivation to work!The Shade Test

While many women and some makeup artists test on the hands, he tests the shade of a foundation on a woman’s chest, noting that the colour of her hand may not accurately reflect that of the face. He even had persons checking their veins to determine what shade they were. He declared, too, that it is important to know your undertone, whether it is warm, cool or neutral. “It’s very important to find your undertone, where there isn’t any sun damage. But you can be two-toned, so look out for that.”

Guessing that Allison was either a C8 or C9, the first time was definitely to charm for the good mua and he began his beauty session to add a glowing extra to already great ordinary.

He started out by applying the L’Oreal’s Infallible matte lock primer. And encourages that a good primer be used because the primer creates a barrier between the skin and pores, as well as protects pores and the skin. “Best blender: the heat of my fingers,” he revealed.

After applying the foundation, he jumped to the hardest part, the eyes, specifically the eyebrows. L’Oreal’s Unbelieva Brow can be worn up 48 hours and can withstand the heat in the tropics. “Start from a light transition to a dark transition. That’s how I like to do my brows. What I like about this product is that it enhances the brows naturally and gives you a natural ‘feathery’ brow. Be sure to outline the outside of the brow as well,” he advised.

L’Oreal’s Unbelieva Brow is also the perfect product for people with non-brows. It is both waterproof and durable. That’s right, ladies, you don’t have to worry about faded brows anymore.

He also used L’Oreal’s True Match Thick Concealer, to complement the natural look.

He took us to heaven and back with L’Oreal Paradise Eyeshadow Palette, playing into the theme of a subtle luminous glow. He maintained eye contact, moving in closer with L’Oreal Flash Cat Eye Liner. The beautiful thing about this product is that it functions as a mini how-to kit, inclusive of a stencil on the cover of the pen for the novices. So if you were unable to get the perfect wings for this season, it is now possible. Added bonus: it is smudge-proof, waterproof and clump-free.

L’Oreal Paradise Blush and Lumi Shimmerista gave Allison’s face a look of luxury. He adorned her lips with a combination of L’Oreal Rouge Signature Matte Lipstick and Galaxy Lumiere Lip Gloss, before adding finishing touches of L’Oreal Lumi Shake and Glow Setting Spray.

If you’re in love with the look achieved here, visit The Beauty Spot at 32 Shortwood Road, Kingston 8, call: (876) 631-5507 or follow on Instagram: @thebeautyspotjm

Story by Krysta Anderson

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