Hot Gyal on a Budget 

Jessica Harrison
Jessica Harrison

February 12, 2020

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Twenty-nine-year-old Trizan Chung Ying is known by her friends for wearing stylish pieces that tend to evoke fashion envy in others.

At age eight, Chung Ying developed her own personal sense of style. So much so that her parents gave her and her sister the opportunity to shop for their own clothes, which gave them free rein to explore the wonders of fashion, all while developing good money management skills. Paired with that, Chung Ying watched her mother transform herself daily with vogue-worthy classical pieces. “I guess you can say it’s in my blood,” she said with a chuckle. 

There comes a time in every adult’s life when it’s time to declutter and make our lives lighter. It was at this point that the Portland native discovered that she had way too many pieces of clothing. Some worn once or twice, others never worn at all. “The clothes and shoes were in great condition and I just didn’t know what to do with them,” she recounted. And so, @HotGyalOnABudget was born.

Chung Ying found that she had 10 pairs of nude shoes, posted them on her personal Instagram for a giveaway, and within two hours, each pair of shoe was gone. The experience opened her eyes to the fact that there are indeed girls and women who cannot afford to dress for special occasions because one outfit can easily run you $6,000 – $9,000. 

Launching soon, the business plans to bless 20 girls with 20 free outfits. After which, she will sell clothes at super affordable prices. “The business is really geared towards university students or those fresh out of high school. They will be able to find modern and practical [looks] for occasions such as a hall dinner or even work,” she explained.

Of course, Flair had to snag a few shopping tips from Chung Ying: 

Understand your style and body type: your style should complement your body type. Once you’ve mastered that, shopping is easy. 

Simplicity wins: A few simple pieces that can be mixed and matched to achieve several different looks is how to be a ‘hot gyal’ while on a budget. 

Nothing wrong with ‘cheap and clean’: I buy the $25 dresses sometimes but you’ll never know. It’s all in the quality. Expensive doesn’t always equal quality. 

Dress up: Never be afraid to dress up. It is a sign of good manners. Looking and feeling good is the key to confidence, and with confidence, you can sell ice to an Eskimo. 

Invest in shoes: A great pair of shoes can change your entire look. An outfit can go from supermarket wear to drinks with friends by adding a pair of bedazzled chunky stilettos. 

Story by Jessica Harrison

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Jessica Harrison


Jessica Harrison

Just six months in, Jessica Harrison is the newest member of the Flair team but, in that short time, she has surely been cemented in everyone’s mind as a woman who is full of life, expression, and vibrance. One who is filled with unapologetic flair and PIZAZZ and discovering and marching to her own beat.

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