Humans are incurably foolish (and Jamaicans prove it)

Daviot Kelly
Daviot Kelly

September 2, 2019

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“Man is the reasoning animal. Such is the claim. I think it is open to dispute. Indeed, my experiments have proven to me that he is the unreasoning animal … In truth, man is incurably foolish.” 

– Mark Twain

If you hear that I pass off in the next few years from an aneurysm or a stroke, it’s because of stupid people on social media.
Now, I won’t even specify stupid Jamaican people because we simply do not have a monopoly on being damn fools.

However, to be fair, Jamaicans do tend to do things better than everybody else so, technically, maybe I should just stick close to home.

Social media has some uses. People have launched worthwhile careers, missing children have been found, and societal wrongs have been made right because they were highlighted in cyberspace.
But there are God-awful idiots on social media that make it bad for everybody.
Take for instance the persons who believed that when a recent headline said that a Jamaican footballer “pens four year deal”, some buffoon said there was a spelling error.

To their knowledge, which clearly is limited to anything named Kardashian, the word should have been “opens”, as in ‘opens four year deal’.

Ahm, except that pens, as in literally uses the pen to sign the contract, is 100 per cent correct. Oh boy.
Then there was the unfortunate reaction to another headline that spoke to “no unruliness” at Popcaan’s back-to-school treat.
There were persons who believed this was a ‘throw wud’ on Spice’s treat which took place merely days before. 
However, even my senior citizen relatives know that the term ‘unruly’ is part of Popcaan’s whole image, and he even has a clothing line with that name. 
So why people must automatically go to the negative theory that it was ‘throwing shade’ on Spice, I have no idea.

If humans could turn the verbal shade they envision and spurt out into tangible, physical shade, the Amazon fire woulda out long time. 

In fact, the UV rays from the sun wouldn’t reach so much people.
But another recent post I saw (note it could be old, but me just a see it) took the cake, and broke this camel’s back.
The post was from a young woman who lamented that she wishes we (women) “could choose our baby daddies”.

Ahm, unless I’m mistaken, women do choose their baby daddies. They choose them by laying down, or hoisting it up (as the case may be).

So if is not you a choose di baby daddy, den a who miss? The stork weh carry di baby come? Maybe Bredda Anancy?
Now, while the third post may have been a joke (I really hope it was), the other two absolutely were not. 
But they all speak to the ‘darkness’ (both educationally, and behaviour-wise) that permeates the human brain these days. 
I know this might sound blasphemous for some, but artificial intelligence taking over the world (and potentially replacing some humans) might not be a bad thing.
Why not? One good reason. You can teach a robot sarcasm. But with a human, you can’t fix stupid.
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Daviot Kelly

Daviot Kelly describes mumbling and fumbling as two of his greatest obstacles in life, but not when it comes to penning his weekly column, Kelly’s World. A wizard with the pen, Kelly has been sharing his wit and unique perspective with the Flair since 2006.

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