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Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

June 21, 2021

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Chrisan Hunter knew that she was onto something revolutionary when she opened her boutique rental store, Herdress Jamaica. She aimed to make pictorial debuts both luxurious and magical and solve the age-old problem women often have of finding something to wear for photoshoots.

Hunter wanted to bring something different to the local market and drew inspiration from flying dress photoshoots, a popular trend in Greece. Following years of research and recording of ideas, it took a pandemic and the prowling of unemployment for her to start rationing out her incredible taste in fashion.

This green tulle dress made this birthday photoshoot even more fabulous.

Since beginning this journey of glamour last summer, her exquisite line features stunning options for every enchanting occasion. “I have flying dresses in a wide range of colours, luxury maternity dresses, and lots of other fun and elegant styles perfect for any photoshoot, like birthdays, vacations, anniversaries, engagement, as well as mommy and me. I am always adding different styles, so the options will soon be endless,” she told Flair.

Her dresses not only make you stand out in the most elegant of ways, but it adds to your panache and enthusiasm. And although most times, her clients already have an idea of their heart’s desire, she remains on standby to make recommendations and ensure that the vision matches the outcome. The reception so far has been phenomenal, exceeding every expectation. Hunter toils day and night to keep this dream alive and thriving, and she is elated by the fact that so many are happy about this service.

While the chief executive officer continues to create luxurious waves, she has expanded her offerings to include photoshoot packages as well. This includes assisting her client with every detail and ensuring that the shoot is amazing. All you need to do is show up for the shoot and be ready to go. “Pictures last a lifetime, so everything has to be on point,” she added. And even though she is based in Montego Bay, the company delivers dresses across Jamaica, and the team travels islandwide for photoshoots.

With hopes of upgrading her services and providing the best experience, she wants her brand to represent a safe haven for women. That way, they instantly feel loved, connected and elevated in every possible light. “Imagine having an experience uniquely designed to match your needs. Imagine having someone who pays attention to detail and makes you feel valued and appreciated. Herdress Jamaica lives by all the statements; that’s why our clients chose us and why you should, too.

For more information, follow @herdressjamaica on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube or email:

Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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