Jaciane Ellis, The Style Chameleon

Danik Frazer

December 16, 2019

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It’s not always easy to describe your personal style. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to even pinpoint whatever it is you want your clothing to say, and it’s especially hard when you happen to look good in anything you wear. This week, we got a chance to steal a moment from marketing maven Jaciane Ellis to find out how this style chameleon manages to hop from fit to fit.

“I’ve recently begun digging through Boho and Vintage styles,” she shared after trying to find exactly what she’d call her style. It’s really not something that would be so apparent when you’re interested in style and fashion. She takes her cue from internationally-based models and people with a similarly svelte body type. Using the people you follow on social media as your own personal mannequins is something you should consider when developing your own look. Finding people who look like you can make your social media experience 100 times better than you realise. “It’s very important to dress for your body type and finding what complements you best,” she advised.

Sometimes, those looks you want to emulate are trends and we couldn’t help but notice the perspex in her shoe collection. “I don’t usually shop trend but these are so flexible I can literally wear them with any outfit,” and since Jamaica isn’t quite ready to give up on that trend just yet, she’ll get some mileage out of her pumps, and if you act quickly, you can too. “Some trends are a miss for me though,” she admitted. “While I’d love to try the satin plunge dress, I’m not really interested in the biker shorts look.” One timeless look that goes well with perspex, as Ellis demonstrates so well, is denim.

We love denim! It’s timeless, versatile and just like other styles, can be cyclical. Ellis mixes the look of grunge garage kid with casual chic in her looks but she’s not a fan of the double denim. “I don’t think it’s ideal for our weather,” she thoughtfully explained. “It’s way too hot for all that denim, but kudos to those who rock it.” Ellis’ looks are complemented best by her accessories, which she describes as “simple and clean”. She’s not one for layers of jewellery and ‘fandangles’ which distract from her face and outfit. “It’s either a nice statement earring or necklace, never both!” Plus, “My neck is long enough, I don’t need to draw attention to it,” she teased, showing just how good-natured (and humoured) she is.

We can understand why she doesn’t want her face obscured, though. She finishes off her looks with that soft glam that’s trending in the make-up world as of late. “My go-to make-up look is a highlighted and contoured face with filled-in brows and gloss.”

Story by Danik Frazer


Danik Frazer


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