HEALTH: Jamaica’s little helper – Dr Kazi-Ann Kasimbie

Rocheda Bartley
Rocheda Bartley

March 8, 2020

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Empathetic, God-fearing, humanitarian, motivated, and optimistic – these are just a few words that come to mind when one thinks of Dr Kazi-Ann Kasimbie. 

Dr Kasimbie is the CEO and founder of Psychfactor Consulting Services, a psychological consulting organisation that provides mental and human resource development and consultation to individuals and institutions locally and internationally. Her focal points include psychotherapy, life coaching, organisational development, marketing, market research, human resource management, and clinical psychology.

Since its inception, Dr Kasimbie has worked assiduously with persons and organisations in Jamaica like Compsych, the world’s largest provider of employee-assistance programmes to help solve everyday problems. The expert also extends her aid to fellow countrymen within the Jamaican diaspora.

“I am inspired by Jamaica’s young people who want to do well for themselves and are seeking help. They are talented and promising, but many of them do not have mentors to help them make steps or to guide them. They need mentors to teach them new things, expose them to new and positive perspectives. That’s why I am here,” she explained.  


Four years ago, Dr Kasimbie launched a virtual counselling service, which has become a staple initiative that helps others. With the demands of today’s fast-paced world, she was encouraged to create this new platform to increase accessibility to her services. Now, she’s thrilled that she did as their impact and reach are far greater than she had expected.

Additionally, Dr Kasimbie provides intervention for vulnerable groups such as those affected by HIV, women impacted by violence, and children who have been traumatised. 

“I continue to do the things I do because of the results that I have seen so far and the changes that I have seen in the lives of those who reach out for help from Psychfactor. The services of Psychfactor are in great demand. People are looking for psychological support, life coaching, and more,” she told Flair.

The doctor has vowed to stop at nothing to ensure that she fulfils her desire to help others. Currently, she is working on developing courses to teach other service providers to excel in social entrepreneurship, as she is doing. Next on her agenda is improving access to psychological services in western Jamaica. 


One of her biggest goals today is to increase the level of humanitarian work IN which she engages. Improving lives is what she loves best. This means offering greater help to individuals who are suffering from the effects of traumatic experiences, like victims of abuse and other crimes.

Here’s what she wants to leave with you.

“Find yourself. That is the first step to solving your problems, believe it or not. When you know who you are, you will see so many doors open. Figure out what you came to the planet to do. Psychfactor can help with this, too,” Dr Kasimbie said. 

Story by  Rocheda Bartley


Rocheda Bartley


Rocheda Bartley

Whether it's through her written profiles or quick retorts, Rocheda Bartley has a way with words. Quiet, diligent and observant, she brings balance to the Flair team and never ceases to surprise.

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