Joel Nomdarkham building his brand

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March 30, 2020

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Brand ambassadors and brand managers are two types of people who fascinated young Joel Nomdarkham. Fast-forward a few years, and he’s forged a love affair with the marketing industry and is quickly rising to the top.

“I am looking forward to further cementing myself as a thought leader in the marketing industry and coaching other young marketers to understand industry standards and best practices,” the innovative digital market development specialist told Flair.

He’s had a steady footing in the sector, starting as an intern with the Yello Media Group five years ago. Joel has spent his entire marketing career with this entity, where he has grown and humbly climbed the ladder, securing roles such as marketing and communications coordinator, content marketing specialist, and group social media specialist. These positions have all afforded him an opportunity to grow in both digital and experiential marketing. He recently received the company’s CEO Award for transforming the organisation’s social media strategy and fuelling visibility for the establishment’s content.

In addition, working as a television presenter has allowed him to leverage public relations and brand practices in his marketing career. Fresh out of The University of the West Indies, he landed this opportunity, one he considers one of his prime achievements.


Joel, who is also a trained journalist, uses social media as his stage to empower others. One would think of the creative as an influencer, but that’s not how he sees himself.

“My friends have to remind me of this ‘influencer’ term all the time because I just set out on a personal journey each day without anticipating all the feedback. I think it’s important to be true to your craft and what you represent – in other words, your personal brand. Once you enjoy what you are doing and help others fulfil their destiny, the credit will find itself, and I guess that’s how being relevant comes in,” the 2014 recipient of a Governor General’s Youth Award shared.

His ingenuity is one characteristic that usually gets him noticed. The 26-year-old professional unearths creativity whenever he finds time for himself, which he tries to do often. Maintaining this creative edge takes a lot of effort, so he exposes himself to new cultures through travelling and music. Plus, he’s surrounded by clever friends with whom he shares ideas and concepts. This fuels his development.

Joel also brings a different style to corporate. It’s a grab-and-go flavour, which he describes as eccentric. His “out-of-the-world” colour patterns and unconventional prints are his favourites.


Joel is not really a social butterfly, so it’s easy for him to create a balance between his professional and social lives.

“I have a circle of 10 people I hang out with and see all the time. Five live abroad, so I visit them often. I love staying at home and have been finding more time for solo adventures, which I thoroughly enjoy. I also initiate practices such as not taking my work laptop home, hence being responsible to complete set tasks,” he said.

The young leader thinks of his career and involvement in youth as major accomplishments, but above these is playing the father role for his nephew.

He reminds us: “Do not work to impress. Instead, work for you”.

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