Joni-Dale Morgan turns own remedy into thriving skincare line

Sade Gardner

April 11, 2022

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If there’s one thing anyone should take away from Joni-Dale Morgan’s story, it’s that difficulties can be the fuel to catapult your purpose.

Through her Morgan’s Creek line of productions, she has been a staple in the skincare regimen of many since opening in 2015. The brand was inspired by her skin issues accompanying the medicinal treatment of her autoimmune disease lupus.

“It is the testimonials that keep me going and growing,” Morgan told Flair. “My line of products has expanded over the years because I have always listened to my customers … . Business is not very easy; it comes with a lot of challenges, so when they express how the products [helps] them feel great, helps with their various skincare issues, [helps] them smell amazing, it keeps me going. When they say they no longer purchase from Bath and Body Works or Victoria’s Secret because they can get my exceptional products, I get goosebumps.”

Morgan undoubtedly has the entrepreneurial gene, with her dad and family operating various businesses. In initially tending to her skin issues, Morgan first used natural skincare products from mentor and Island Rituals’ founder Janice McLeod.

“She has a cosmetology school, and after a while, for my own mental therapy, she asked if I didn’t want to learn to make my own. So, she taught me how to make all the various products, and she has been an integral part in me creating all my various products.”

She now has products in more than 40 categories and attributes the success of Morgan’s Creek to a supportive tribe and an attitude of gratitude.

“I have supportive family and friends, who are my assistants whenever I need them to be. I also have three persons in my team currently that do exceptional work; Morgan’s Creek has grown because of them. My illness is very challenging, and many times I can do nothing. So when I have flares, everyone literally goes the extra mile for me all the time. I give thanks every day because the Lord always finds earthly angels to sort me out.”

Entrepreneurship has taught her that she is resilient and reinforced her capability to “do this,” part of the advice she gave women who desire to not only venture into business, but turn their lemons into lemonade.
“Everything doesn’t happen overnight,” she said. “Work on your passion, or lemonade, with your current situation. I still work in my family business, so you don’t need to feel like it’s one or the other. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Just do your best at your pace.”

Honouring her own pace, she envisions Morgan’s Creek becoming an international brand with a large factory.
“It’s slowly getting there,” she said. “Our online presence has increased since the pandemic, and I know [it] will only grow more. Morgan’s Creek is currently a part of the JAMPRO Export Max programme, so [it’s] just keeping close to all the various opportunities that arise.”

She also recently co-founded a cannabidiol-based skincare line, Daleah Rejuvenation, with prominent lawyer Ronald Young.
As for receiving The Distinguished Award, Morgan responded, “I am humbled. It feels so good to know that my hard work and doing what I love is recognised, and that I can inspire many women like myself who would like to start their own businesses. Watching my brand evolve makes me even more motivated to continue to be the woman I am, and to stand firm in what I believe — that is my brand.”


Sade Gardner


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