Keisha Bailey jump-starting profits

Khanique McDaniel
Khanique McDaniel

February 1, 2021

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Growing up in August Town, St Andrew, love and laughs were plenty for Keisha Bailey, but so was her innate nature for more.

As such, it came as no surprise when the 36-year-old took her foundation in finance from Jamaica to Canada where she is now a money manager at a large financial institution in Toronto, Ontario.

Keisha Bailey took her foundation in finance from Jamaica to Canada where she is now a money manager at a large financial institution in Toronto, Ontario.

“Money creates opportunities. I didn’t grow up with all the means that were available and so when I realised that there was a path towards achieving wealth, I stuck with that,” Bailey told Flair.

But her quest for a seat at the table is not a selfish one, as the 17-year finance veteran recently launched It’s her opportunity to package her years of experience and knowledge in a six-week programme, to take you from where you are to where you need to be financially.

“I have spent many years making and managing billions of dollars for my clients and so my goal right now is to show people like me and you, how to do that,” said Bailey.

But what would make one woman take on such a tall order?

“I love money. Money brings confidence, money opens doors, money gives you a seat at the table. I have always loved the access that’s provided by money and that’s what fuels my passion.”

Her journey has not been without barriers as she navigates the male-dominated industry of finance, but the Campion College alum says she is a fighter.

“Once I stood true to myself, I was able to earn the respect of my male peers and they value my opinion and look to me for insights as well based on my unique contribution as a woman.”

As for family, Bailey says her biggest influence is her mom, and her biggest motivation is her family of three.


“Growing up with a strong black woman as a single-mother inspired me to push each day and now myself, as a mother and wife, my family motivates me to be the best that I can be for them and myself,” said a smiling Bailey.

When asked if the bigger wallet powers the household, Bailey had this to say: “I see a family as a team. Each person contributes to different aspects to make the team stronger.”

Her advice to newlyweds or those couples having fights about money: “The union isn’t built on money. The key thing is to understand the goals and that money is a tool to get those goals. It’s a constant discussion to get more and better tools to achieve your life goals.”

Reaching these goals will bring challenges, but Bailey believes the biggest one people face in financial planning is the mindset.

“Limiting beliefs inhibit you from achieving the goals you set forth. It’s not always easy, but I push myself and money flows to me. My hand middle always a scratch me!”

What’s next for the numerate with a special love for the number seven?

“My aim always was to take my experience [in Canada] and bring it back home to Jamaica so I could teach students and teach persons exactly what to do with their money.”

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Khanique McDaniel


Khanique McDaniel

Khanique McDaniel is a social media coordinator at The Gleaner.

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