Kimberly Goodall groomed for success

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

February 21, 2022

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Create a legacy, then pass it on. That was the mindset of Kimberly Goodall’s parents with Eastern Total Supplies (ETS) Limited. The marketing specialist, however, had other life plans. Given room to spread her wings, she flew to the business Mecca of Kingston to pursue her dreams. But what media and corporate work experience soon taught her is that her efforts and energy would be better spent building her family business and creating generational wealth. Upon her return to Port Antonio, Goodall brought her fresh skill sets to the table. She also took the initiative, going out on a limb and branching out to provide dog grooming care with All Good Paws.

Kimberly Goodall with Alexa during her grooming appointment. The founder of All Good Paws puts love and care in her grooming services. PHOTOS BY NICHOLAS NUNES

“Located at Lot 138 Bryan’s Bay and 6 William Street in Port Antonio, Portland, Eastern Total Supplies has been the main provider of all things farm, garden and pet in and around the Portland community for over 35 years. The business has created jobs and a work-family for Portlanders, as well as a hub that they can depend on for equipment and products that were once deemed unattainable for potential and existing farmers,” a proud Goodall told Flair. Growing up, the young hopeful looked up to her mother for making strides in what is still regarded as a male-dominated industry. Working behind the scenes alongside her family has given her greater insight into the blood, sweat and tears it takes to build a business from the ground up.


Introduced to farming at a young age, her mother was encouraged to take over from her predecessor, and she ran with that innovative baton, all the way to gold. “When my mother started this business, she never saw all of this in her vision. But she worked so hard that it flourished into a powerhouse that has surpassed her expectations,” the former Gleaner lifestyle reporter shared. Seeing her mother’s hard work and dedication was so inspiring that it embedded the spirit of entrepreneurship and independence within her.

Times weren’t always easy. The struggle was real, but so was the passion, the desire to thrive, and the love for the ETS family and the wider Portland community. “This is our legacy, our stamp on the world. It sent my two sisters and I to school. It allowed my parents the opportunity to give us the best life possible. Our lives and our businesses were built on our faith and belief in the Almighty. God has been the foundation on which my parents built,” she said, adding that through ETS, she learnt the power of generational wealth.

The entrepreneur celebrates the struggles and triumphs of running the family business.

But making that transition from the city back to rural living was no walk in the park. Previously holding a public relations position at one of Jamaica’s largest financial conglomerates, Sagicor Group, Goodall hoped to be implementing fresh marketing techniques and strategies into the family business – only to find herself swimming upstream the tide of traditional approaches. She even questioned at one point if she should have returned home just yet, but she remained steadfast, taking the encouragement from her parents to learn as much as she could behind the scenes in order to get a full grasp of the business. She now admits that she is grateful for their insistence, since she has learnt more than she could have imagined, and continues to be moulded by these new experiences.

Notwithstanding the legacy within her grasp, her mother and father also fostered the need for personal growth and development. So they persuaded her to do something for herself as well. When she went to the vision board, one thing stood out: her love for dogs. “My dad has been a lover of pets, whether it be birds, fishes, rabbits, dogs, especially dogs. We had them as part of our household. When I was around seven or eight years old, he owned and operated a pet store and by the time I was 12, he gifted me a Shih Tzu that we named Suzie. She was such a smart dog and became a huge part of our family. Soon after that, we got another dog, Blue, and they became a part of us,” she explained.


Years later, the pet store merged with the farm and garden business and stood under one company, Eastern Total Supplies. Aligning with the idea of the family legacy, she wanted to bridge a gap, not just within the company, but also within the parish. “As a dog owner, if I wanted grooming or veterinary services, I would have to travel to Kingston, and that would take up so much time and energy just to travel,” she said. That’s when the lightbulb went off in her mind to provide dog grooming services. She received training in six months and has since developed a unique clientèle, who is constantly amazed by her professionalism and service.

Goodall aligned her dog grooming business with the pet department of Eastern Total Supplies.

“Dogs bring such joy to life. They have saved many of us from depression, anxiety and loneliness, and for that, they deserve to be treated with the love and care they have shown to us. With All Good Paws, I can give pet owners the opportunity to keep their pets healthy and loved.” She is happy to supply an extension to her parent’s business, and has taken even greater steps to include veterinarian services. She hopes to be able to bring a veterinarian onboard from Kingston who can cater to all animals, because the farmers could use a monthly visit.

And as it relates to the legacy, “In the future, my sisters and I will continue to build the business, merge our passions and build an empire,” she said.

Eastern Total Supplies Limited and All Good Paws are on Instagram. For more information, visit @easterntotalofficial and @allgoodpawsja.

Krysta Anderson


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