Kristofferson Nunes talks life as a new dad, entrepreneur


June 20, 2021

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How does one find time to build a business and juggle duties as the father of a toddler? To some, this may be a daunting task, but for Kristofferson Nunes, he has somehow struck a seemingly perfect balance between the two. As the self-proclaimed ‘super dad’ sat sipping a cold Malta, he shared his vision for his son Sahir-Amal and the love that drives him.

Big dreams and accolades are not new to the young entrepreneur who launched his business, UCA Limited, in January 2017. UCA is a marketing agency that helps university students with job placements, résumé writing, and career coaching. The 27-year-old has already been nominated twice for the Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Entrepreneurship, and has worked with the US Embassy, as well as various brands and agencies.


Nothing, however, is quite as rewarding for this entrepreneur as the birth of his son Sahir, whom he welcomed into the world on August 6, 2020. “I cannot express how I felt, how I still feel. Words cannot properly describe the joy he has brought to our lives. It’s just out of this world,” beamed the proud dad.

Having already implemented a work-from-home policy for his company, Nunes confesses that it has been quite easy to manage his business and spend time with his newborn. “Working remotely has allowed me to create the environment for his development while still being productive. If I have to go to clients, I bring him to work with me,” Nunes said. Daddy-daycare has also created additional perks for the father and son. Sahir is sometimes featured as a talent in commercials, and daddy is the ‘personal assistant’ who ensures Sahir has all he needs when he goes to ‘work’.

Little Sahir-Amal (right) joins daddy, Kristofferson Nunes, at work.

A typical day for father and son begins with a walk in the crisp morning air, followed by some reading and bonding together. Nunes has been doing his own reading on how to foster creative spaces for children and how to encourage his son to explore his environment to enhance his development. Even at 10 months old, Sahir has already shown remarkable development, and is currently learning sign language — the result of a family decision to be more inclusive. Nunes hopes that later in life, his son will embrace the principles of inclusivity.

The father’s vision for his son is to simply be comfortable in his own skin and feel free to express himself. Nunes challenges the notion that men should leave the nurturing of their children to women. “Fathers, ensure you nurture your children and create an environment that will help them to be fully rounded. Nurturing is not just up to the mothers. Fathers should be environment builders- whether socially, emotionally, financially and spiritually,” Nunes stressed.




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