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From Flair
From Flair

October 14, 2019

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Over the years, in one way or the other, we have either known or heard of someone who has been affected by breast cancer. Maybe it was a mother, sister, daughter, niece, a friend or even a brother. This special publication seeks to give a voice to those who empathise and want to join hands in battle with kind words of encouragement. 

With that said, we dedicate this page to everyone who is currently fighting for their lives by asking the question: What is your message to breast cancer warriors?

@vent.ful876: You will win the battle and the war.

@shootingjar: We salute you! From the Shooting Jar family.

@apecelizabeth: Don’t give up and if there are times when you feel alone just remember that Jehovah is always with you.

@_soltau: Fight the good fight of faith, go through with boldness and confidence knowing you will overcome. Focus your mind on what the positive outcome could be and lean not on the negative which we are taught is the reality. Follow your doctors’ guidelines and associate yourself with other warriors and women [who] have defeated the illness. Lift your belief system and know that it’s not impossible for you to overcome and stand as a survivor. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is not the end to your life, I stand with you, Jamaica stands with you, the world stands with you and most of all our creator promises to never leave us nor forsake us.

@mobaycoolie: You got this! Things will get hard … push through it. You will wonder why me … don’t dwell on it. Your positivity will encourage others that they too can make it. Stay positive and fight for your life.

@dre_days: Stay strong.

@Mampy_jojo: Continue to be strong, praise God for each day and live.

@kimgreatness: Keep fighting.

@elansupergirl: It’s not over until God says its over, be strong.

@fancy_france25: God is with you and he’s helping you get through.

@nydiadac: My cousin was just diagnosed (September) with this awful disease and I haven’t spoken with her yet. I haven’t the words to express how I feel. I can’t even begin to imagine what she is going through. She is trying to be strong for her son, other family members and friends, and I admire that so much. There are no words to comfort someone dealing with any form of cancer, but please be assured that there are people who do care and we are here to help with this phase of your life. #beatbreastcancer #beatbreastcancertogether #earlydetectioncansavealife #octoberisbreastcancerawarenessmonth

@dominiqueajohnson: You are a survivor! You made it! You are powerful! We support and stand behind you, don’t give up, but give it to God, you’ve got this.

@laydee_sharmz: Cancer isn’t a death sentence, don’t let it cause you to lose hope; continue to fight!

@_.876greatness: Continue to fight and empower others.

From Flair


From Flair


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