Let’s get Real R.A.W

Jessica Harrison
Jessica Harrison

March 23, 2020

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In such a time as this, when women are still being oppressed on the basis of gender, young adults are slowly rising and are making strategic plans to derail past oppressive norms.

 Just in time for International Women’s Day, digital brand strategist Amber Dennis and PR professional Davida-Mae Chambers decided to partner and launch Real R.A.W (Rights Advocacy for Women), an online campaign rooted in encouraging real change to help empower women and facilitate equal opportunities for advancement. 

 “I stuck with the name Real R.A.W because in Jamaica, conversations around gender and women’s issues are usually uncomfortable for both men and women,” explained Dennis. 

 Real R.A.W is driven to tackle issues such as women’s empowerment, gender equality, positive social impact, beauty, health, relationships, self-love, and yes, even career building. So what’s different, you ask? These women are merging the spheres of art and education by putting out editorial content that lightens the mood around some of these hard-to-have conversations. The content features both men and women sharing like-minded views that will break the stereotypes attached to feminism and women at large. 

“Throughout my career, I have explored women’s concepts of confidence and self-empowerment through my creative shoots and would like to further expand on this with the objective of generating greater awareness and understanding about issues as it relates to gender equality,” said Dennis. 

 Every decision of this magnetic campaign is deliberate, and they decided to swathe their efforts in the colour red. Chambers explained that though red is associated with danger, it is also majorly associated with love and empathy. “Advocacy has so many different levels outside of its legal and political aspects. It also appeals to self and the community. If the individual isn’t empowered and the community does not believe in its betterment, then we are indeed lost,” she said. 

If you are ready to be a mover and shaker of your time, especially as a young professional, join the network of people who seek to inspire, support, and advise by following @realrawcampaign on Instagram. 

Story by Jessica Harrison


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Jessica Harrison

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