Let’s groom your man whiskers

Rocheda Bartley
Rocheda Bartley

November 25, 2019

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A man without a moustache is a man without a soul, said Chinese philosopher and politician Confucius.

While not as deep for many men, Flair knows manly whiskers serve a very important purpose. We journeyed to Totally Male Spa, a prime spot that’s grooming men for greatness, to get the 411 on getting these babies to a state of perfection.

Armed with an arsenal of barbering tools, owner Sandra Samuels went to work, meticulously carving out Marlando Montgomery’s facial centrepiece, while divulging the tricks of her trade.


The moustache frames the mouth and forms a midway point, breaking the length of oblong faces. It makes round faces appear elongated and conceals the thickness of lips – think Steve Harvey. Whatever your reason for growing one, gents the tache needs to combed, trimmed, brushed and washed. Treat it as the hair that’s on your head!

Do you like them thin or heavy? Or do you want an older and more mature look? Whichever style you prefer, always remember that proper maintenance is just as important as the urge to grow facial hair. Caring for the taches depends on how fast your hair grows. But the expert suggests grooming at least once per week.

“If you have a moustache you have to ensure that the hair does not get in the mouth and there’s no food in it,” Samuels told Flair.

Plus, if you’re troubled with eczema, you have to get the flares under control. You don’t want to have the growth of facial hair triggering a flare-up.


Grooming men for 25 years Samuels has witnessed the evolution of moustaches. And as much as things have changed, they have remained the same. The chevron, walrus, pencil, handlebar, horseshoe, cowboy, fu manchu, dali, scruffy and beardstache styles have all received modern upgrades.

“Although many of you will leave this decision to your barber, remember the main thing you need to consider before getting a moustache is the look you’re going for. The shape of your face is crucial in this decision,” Samuels explained.

Samuels and her team are always available for your assistance. So don’t be afraid to stop by. Totally Male Spa is located at 6 Windsor Avenue, Kingston 5, and may be contacted at 876-285-1750.

Story by Rocheda Bartley
Photo by Ian Allen

Rocheda Bartley


Rocheda Bartley

Whether it's through her written profiles or quick retorts, Rocheda Bartley has a way with words. Quiet, diligent and observant, she brings balance to the Flair team and never ceases to surprise.

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