L’Oréal Paris launches Rouge Signature from latest Empowered Collection


March 23, 2020

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In recognition of empowered women across Jamaica, The Beauty Spot Limited hosted the launch of L’Oréal Paris’ Rouge Signature from its latest Empowered Collection for women’s month. The Beauty Spot highlighted women who have made a significant impact on Jamaican beauty and celebrated them with brunch.

Trade marketing manager Christena Miller, along with marketing team member Lauren Gray and Akilia Simpson, conceptualised the idea of the launch. “We are proud to introduce to Jamaica the Rouge Signature matte lip stain, the first lip stain from L’Oréal Paris that delivers the high-colour impact of a liquid lipstick with the no-make-up feel of a lip stain,” said Miller.

The unique precision applicator shapes and lines lips for a precise and perfectly applied finish. Excitement filled the room as persons were able to test the latest beauty application. Persons will be able to find their signature shade in a range of colours from bold reds and wearable nudes and pinks to statement plums and purples. “It is ultra-lightweight with a fresh matte finish and lasting wear,” said Gray.




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